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What Are the Best Hairstyles for a Diamond Face Shape?

Madeleine A.
Madeleine A.

The best hairstyles for a diamond face shape include those with bangs and side parts and those hairstyles that feature more volume on the sides than on top of the head. A diamond face shape is characterized by wide cheeks, a narrow forehead, and slim jawline. In addition, many people with diamond face shapes have pointed or angular chins. Hairstyles for a diamond face shape flatter the angular and sharp lines of the face and soften prominent features.

One of the most flattering hairstyles for a diamond face shape is one that incorporates bangs into its look. Bangs are flattering for just about everyone, but are especially flattering to those with wide cheeks and prominent chins. Bangs that are fringed or cut across straight, flatter the most, and should be cut just above the level of the eyebrows. A side bang enhances the look of a diamond face shape, however, bangs should not be cut too short because this makes the face appear longer, which is unflattering for this facial type.

Bangs are flattering for some shapes of faces.
Bangs are flattering for some shapes of faces.

Other attractive hairstyles for a diamond face shape include those with a side part. Center parts add excessive height to the face, making it an undesirable choice for those with this facial structure. Hairstyles that feature side layers add balance to the face, which counteracts the appearance of a long face. Examples of hairstyles that add side volume include bob styles that are cut at the chin, and longer cuts that feature feathered layers.

Hairstyles that are teased to add height to the crown of the head also increase facial length and are not the best choices for people with a diamond face shape. Teased hairstyles add even more length to the face when the hair is cut short. For those who like the look of teased hair, longer styles will flatter the look of an oblong face and may be a better choice.

Regardless of which style is chosen, people with diamond shaped faces should keep in mind that their hair should always look well-conditioned, clean, and healthy. Dirty, unconditioned hair that is riddled with split ends detracts from any facial structure and should be remedied as soon as possible. Caring for the hair does not need to be prohibitively expensive. Modestly priced products and haircuts can keep hair looking well maintained, healthy, and flattering for just about any facial shape.

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    • Bangs are flattering for some shapes of faces.
      By: Sandor Kacso
      Bangs are flattering for some shapes of faces.