What are the Best Blog Secrets?

B. Miller

When one initially starts blogging, it can be difficult to develop a base of regular readers quickly. By making use of some helpful blog secrets, however, it can be easier to draw people to the blog, get them interested, and keep them coming back. One of the most important blog secrets to consider is to have a well-designed blog that is easy to navigate. Do not create an "introduction" or "splash" page; the first page of the blog should be the index page of the site, and the blog reader should be able to read the newest entry as soon as they click onto the site.

National Blog Posting Month is held each year to encourage bloggers to post more frequently.
National Blog Posting Month is held each year to encourage bloggers to post more frequently.

Many blog secrets are really just common sense, but it is helpful to consider them when building and maintaining a blog. Length of blog entries is one issue that some people forget to consider, and is one of the main reasons someone will or will not read a blog. It is perfectly acceptable to vary the length of blog entries, but in general, readers want to read shorter entries on blogs. In addition, do not simply post big blocks of text that aren't broken up with images or, at the very least, into small paragraphs with sub-headings that are easily digestible.

It should also be simple for users to subscribe to the blog's feed. Make sure that any widgets that are incorporated into the design are functional and actually add to the blog without simply making the design more confusing. Another one of the more important blog secrets comes from interaction with blog readers. If comments are allowed on the blog, try to respond to the comments as much as possible; the same is true if a blog reader sends an email. Though this may be challenging at first, it is especially important when the blog is new.

In addition to commenting on one's own blog, another one of the best blog secrets to increase readers is to leave thoughtful comments on other people's blogs. Engage in the conversation, do not simply post an advertisement for your blog. Making use of social networking is another way to increase traffic to the blog; some people post every time they create a new blog entry. Finally, the most important thing to consider when blogging is the content on the site; it should be quality content, and it is important to post regularly. Some people post every day or every few days, while others only post once a week, but the important thing is to create a schedule and stick to it.

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