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What Are the Benefits of Nitric Oxide?

Angela Crout-Mitchell
Angela Crout-Mitchell

As a dietary supplement, there are several health benefits nitric oxide can offer, including improving the immune system function and oxygen flow as well as supporting heart and cardiovascular health. This chemical compound is found naturally in the body, but studies indicate most people do not produce enough to appreciate the full benefits of nitric oxide and need to take a supplement for the best results. Nitric oxide supplements are most often used by serious athletes and people who have heart problems or wish to avoid them. When taken in the appropriate doses, the risk of adverse side effects is considered to be low. As with any dietary supplement, it is a good idea to speak to a doctor before taking nitric oxide.

Increased immune system function is one of the most useful of the benefits of nitric oxide. Modern lifestyles with poor nutrition, not enough exercise, and high stress have led to many people experiencing lowered immune system function and more illness. Studies indicate that most people with appropriate nitric oxide levels enjoy improved immunity from common bacterial and virus borne illnesses. Nitric oxide boosts the immune system by aiding in killer T-cell production in the bone marrow. This diatomic gas is also used by the white blood cells as a destructive agent against foreign viruses and parasites in the body.

Nitric oxide may be used to increase muscle mass and strength.
Nitric oxide may be used to increase muscle mass and strength.

Many athletes, especially those who are trying to increase muscle mass and strength, also take advantage of the benefits of nitric oxide. This supplement has been found to dramatically increase the oxygen flow to various systems of the body, including the muscles, allowing for greater and faster muscle tissue production. The increased oxygen and blood flow to the muscles has several benefits, such as allowing the athlete to lift more weight or exercise more strenuously with less muscle fatigue, and the muscles typically recover faster from the workout.

Nitric oxide is also used to protect the heart and vascular system. This gas is responsible for dilating the blood vessels, which in turn encourages healthy blood pressure levels and limits blood clots in the venous tissues. The same oxygen enhancing property athletes enjoy can be used to protect the heart by improving the rate that blood and oxygen circulate throughout the body. Medical professionals are also suggesting that appropriate nitric oxide levels reduce the likelihood of plaque buildup in the blood vessels in addition to the other benefits of nitric oxide supplement use.

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    • Nitric oxide may be used to increase muscle mass and strength.
      By: Christopher Howey
      Nitric oxide may be used to increase muscle mass and strength.