What are the Benefits of L-Arginine Supplements?

L. Roux

L-arginine is an amino acid that plays an important role in various life functions in the human body. It is classified as a non-essential amino acid, and it can be naturally produced by the body. In certain situations like sickness or injury, the body may need a larger amount of L-arginine, and this can usually be acquired by means of supplementation.

L-arginine supplements.
L-arginine supplements.

Protein synthesis in the body is supported by L-arginine, and it can naturally be found in many food sources. Some of these foods include dairy products, nuts, meat and poultry. For those wanting extra L-arginine intake, they can find supplements in health stores or gyms.

L-arginine supplements can be sold in powder form.
L-arginine supplements can be sold in powder form.

L-arginine supplements are usually consumed by athletes and bodybuilders as part of their nutritional plan. This amino acid is usually included in many meal-replacement powders, as well as protein bars and drinks. It is also beneficial for older people and young children to consume L-arginine supplements, as it may assist in cell growth.

This amino acid may also support the immune system by stimulating the activity of the thymus gland. This, in turn, produces T-cells, which form part of the body's immune system. This may also slow down the growth of tumors and help protect the body against illnesses that suppresses the immune system.

It has also been suggested that L-arginine supplements may also help to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. L-arginine may also assist in weight loss by improving the nitrogen balance in the body. It helps the body in metabolizing protein, thereby reducing the amount of fat in the body.

There are many other benefits in taking L-arginine supplements. It assists in the production of growth hormones, and it can also assist the body in healing itself from an injury or sickness. This accelerated healing process is vital for patients suffering from severe wounds or burns.

The suggested dosage of L-arginine is about 10 milligrams per day; however, a recommended daily dosage has not yet been established, since this amino acid can be produced by the body itself. This may differ between individuals since it may be used for various reasons, such as supplementing a training program or boosting the immune system.

Side effects of L-arginine are still being studied, but it is advised that pregnant women do not take any additional supplements, as they may stimulate the growth hormone in children. Individuals with a history of kidney problems should confer with their health care practitioner before taking additional L-arginine.

L-arginine can help body builders gain muscle mass and increase muscle definition.
L-arginine can help body builders gain muscle mass and increase muscle definition.

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