What Are the Benefits of Foot Physiotherapy?

C.B. Fox

Foot physiotherapy consists of exercises that patients can perform under the supervision of a physical therapist and then later in their own homes. These exercises improve flexibility and circulation and can help prevent injuries. They can also be used to help patients recover after an injury, especially if the foot has been immobilized for a time. Improving the flexibility of the feet can also help eliminate soreness caused by overuse. Diabetics can benefit from foot physiotherapy because it can help prevent sores that can result in amputation.

Foot physiotherapy may help eliminate soreness.
Foot physiotherapy may help eliminate soreness.

One of the main benefits of foot physiotherapy is that it can help an injury to heal. Though resting an injury is important as the tissue begins to repair, it is also important to move the muscles and joints that have been affected. Movement improves circulation, allowing blood to move through the injured area more easily, delivering nutrients to the damaged cells. Foot physiotherapy is also important after an injury because it helps to increase the range of movement possible in the foot so that a patient can make a complete recovery. Some movement may be lost when an injury occurs, but in most cases, it can be recovered through physiotherapy.

Another benefit of foot physiotherapy is that it can help to protect the feet from damage. Physiotherapy improves flexibility, increasing the range of motion in a joint so that if the patient extends it, there is less of a chance of overextending and re-injuring it. Increased flexibility also helps prevent repetitive stress injuries, which, when they occur in the feet, can interfere with the patient's ability to walk.

People who suffer from foot pain can benefit from foot physiotherapy. Pain that is not related to an injury can be caused by tightness in the joints. Increasing the range of motion in the feet can loosen the joints and decrease swelling. In most cases, continuing to use the feet, even if they are sore, helps to decrease soreness over time.

Diabetics can also benefit from foot physiotherapy. This disease can lead to loss of tissue, especially in the feet and legs, because of poor circulation and skin ulcerations that are unable to heal. While foot physiotherapy does not completely protect a diabetic patient from the possibility of amputation, it can improve the health of the patient's skin and joints, decreasing the likelihood that a serious problem with the feet will occur.

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