What are the Benefits of Colon Cleansing?

Anna T.

Benefits of colon cleansing may include improved digestion, appearance, and increased energy. Some experts in alternative medicine also believe that colon cleansing improves the overall state of mind and eliminates chronic aches and pains. If benefits of colon cleansing are experienced, they are usually not immediate. After a cleansing, it supposedly takes several weeks before all toxins are eliminated from the body. During the detoxification period, unpleasant side effects such as headaches, fever, and increased irritability may be felt.

Epsom salt, which can be used in a colon cleansing enema.
Epsom salt, which can be used in a colon cleansing enema.

During a colon cleansing, a tube is inserted into the rectum. This tube sprays water onto the colon as a way of washing it out. The water is then sucked out of the colon along with feces and other intestinal debris. Some people believe regular colon cleansing is vital to good health because it washes away the toxic residue that may have built up over time inside the intestines. This residue is said to be a direct result of spending years consuming drugs, overly processed foods, and being exposed to chemicals.

A human colon.
A human colon.

Despite the claims of promising results from most alternative medicine specialists, the majority of medical doctors are not in favor of routine colon cleansing for detoxification purposes. They claim that the colon is capable of cleansing itself without any additional help. Some doctors also warn people against the practice because it may be extremely dangerous. Risks doctors often associate with routine colon cleansing are anemia, malnutrition, and heart problems. The general consensus within the medical community seems to be that the benefits of colon cleansing exist only in the form of financial gain to whomever is being paid for it.

Medical doctors do occasionally perform colon cleansings, but in most cases they are done only in preparation for a colonoscopy. Doctors recommend a diet high in fiber for keeping the intestines and bowels functioning properly. In the event that some toxic substance or debris is inside the intestines and cannot be passed, doctors will normally administer a chelating agent to stick to the substance so it will pass easily.

There is very little scientific evidence to back up the statements made by people in favor of or against routine colon cleansing. It is very important that a person considering the procedure seek out advice from people who have their best interest at heart before making a decision. The personal accounts of friends or relatives who have undergone the procedure may be very helpful, as would the advice of a reputable, trusted doctor.

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