What Are the Benefits of Almond Butter versus Peanut Butter?

Elizabeth West

A good nut butter is full of beneficial nutrients and fats that can contribute to a healthy diet. Many people love peanut butter, but there are alternatives that can be even more nutritious. Almond butter versus peanut butter is a personal preference for some, and others think it’s better for the body overall. While their nutrients are very similar, almond butter tends to be less processed and has an earthier flavor that some prefer.


Almond butter is made the same way as peanut butter, by grinding the nuts into a paste. These nuts contain nutrients such as vitamin A, magnesium and phosphorus. Almonds contain good unsaturated fats that help the body function without adding harmful cholesterol. They are actually tree nuts, unlike peanuts, which are legumes, but both are good sources of fiber and protein. They also have plenty of antioxidants to help neutralize free radicals, molecules in the body that can destroy healthy cells.

A small jar of smooth almond butter.
A small jar of smooth almond butter.

Peanut butter is made from ground peanuts mixed with oil, sugar, salt and other ingredients. Manufactured peanut butter can have preservatives and a large amount of sugar, so it’s not always the healthiest choice. Natural-style peanut butters are available with the simplest ingredients, but some people don’t like the way the peanut oil can separate and sit on top. A quick stir, however, will blend the oil back into the peanut butter so it spreads easily.

An allergy to peanuts can be life-threatening, so people with sensitivities must substitute almonds or another nut.
An allergy to peanuts can be life-threatening, so people with sensitivities must substitute almonds or another nut.

Most processed food manufacturers add a lot of sugar to their products, but there are organic producers that prefer not to do so. Natural food stores often carry different types of nut butters, so customers wavering between almond butter versus peanut butter can pick from various brands. Some retailers have machines that grind fresh nut butters on site. The lack of preservatives and added ingredients appeal to health-conscious shoppers. Fresh nut butters will not have preservatives that can keep them from becoming rancid, so they should be refrigerated and eaten fairly soon for best flavor.

While almond butter versus peanut butter may remain a taste or texture preference, those looking for the most nutritious choice when considering them may wish to give almond butter a try. Peanut butter has more calcium than almond butter, but the latter will provide more dietary fiber, which can sometimes be helpful in weight control. Even though it has a higher calorie count, almond butter’s plentiful fiber and monounsaturated fats give a feeling of fullness, so less may be consumed. Adding both to the diet can help make up for any advantage one has over the other.

Natural peanut butter contains only ground up peanuts, which can be a healthier option for peanut butter lovers.
Natural peanut butter contains only ground up peanuts, which can be a healthier option for peanut butter lovers.

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It is good to know that you can buy almond butter with a creamy texture. Personally I prefer a chunky texture, but all of my kids like it creamy.

I think if I bought a jar of chunky almond butter I would be the only one eating it. That might not be a bad thing as I could have the whole jar to myself.

Has anyone tried making their own peanut butter or almond butter? I wonder if this would be any cheaper or worth the trouble.

It sounds like it might be a little bit messy and it would be easier to buy a jar that has already been made.


I love just about any kind of nut, so it makes sense that I love different nut butters too. Of all the ones I have tried, including peanut, almond and cashew, I think that almond butter is my favorite.

I often will spread some almond butter on a piece of whole grain toast. I add some sliced avocado and drizzle it with a little bit of honey and cinnamon.

This is a snack that fills me up with good protein and the honey and cinnamon also helps satisfy my sweet tooth. When you choose a natural nut butter that doesn't contain sugar, you are eating something that has protein and is good for you.

If you like the taste of almonds, you will probably love the taste of almond butter.


I have been trying to make some changes in my diet and have found myself buying more organic food all the time.

One thing I tried new a couple months ago was organic almond butter. One thing that kept me from buying it sooner was the price. This is more expensive than peanut butter, but after my first taste, I was hooked.

I keep this in the refrigerator, but a jar of it doesn't last very long at my house. This also comes in crunchy or smooth, but I found that the smooth has kind of a crunchy texture to it. It also might depend on the brand you buy.

I figured a jar of almond butter every now and then isn't going to break the bank. I still keep peanut butter on hand for baking, but prefer almond butter for most everything else.


For a long time I tried to avoid eating much peanut butter because I felt like it was too high in fat and calories.

When I discovered natural peanut butter, I started eating it more often, and found that I preferred the taste. Many of the brands of peanut butter on the market contain a lot of sugar and use hydrogenated oils.

I like to use a natural peanut butter that only contains peanuts, non-hydrogenated oil and a little bit of salt. You can buy this in the crunchy or smooth variety.

When you first open up the jar you have to stir it up so the oil and the peanut paste combine. After that I just keep it in the refrigerator and I don't have to stir it again.

I eat more of this because I know it is better for me, has good protein, and helps keep me full so I don't snack on junk.

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