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What Are the Benefits of a Stainless Steel Washroom?

C. Mitchell
C. Mitchell

The benefits of a stainless steel washroom are many, ranging from aesthetic appeal and a trendy, modern design to ease of clean-up and the creation of a more sanitary space. Stainless steel bathroom fixtures were once associated with the most industrial of settings, largely because of how easy it is to clean and maintain stainless steel. The private use of stainless steel appliances has surged in recent years, owing in part to the material’s use by some of the world’s most modern hotels, restaurants, and clubs. A stainless steel washroom can accordingly boast style while still promoting improved hygiene in most instances.

Perhaps the biggest advantage to a stainless steel washroom, trendy or otherwise, is hygiene. Germs and bacteria do not grow well on flat, metallic surfaces. Bathrooms are typically places where there are a lot of germs. It can be difficult to keep sinks and toilets clean, particularly in high-volume areas.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

In a stainless steel washroom, germs have nowhere to go. Most stainless appliances are smooth, without cracks or crevices where bacteria could cultivate. This on its own creates a more sanitary space. Add to this how easy it is to wash stainless steel, and cleanliness becomes a major benefit of a washroom in this style.

Water will not corrode stainless steel, and the metal typically dries very quickly. In industrial settings, a stainless steel washroom can be hosed off or power-washed without damaging any of the fixtures. Cleaning is also easy in smaller settings, usually requiring no more than a soapy sponge.

Depending on the setting, the aesthetics of stainless steel washroom appliances can also be a big advantage. Stainless steel is a shiny substance that can often be tastefully paired with mirrors, other metallic materials, and a variety of colored glass and lighting to dramatically change the ambiance of what might otherwise be an ordinary bathroom. A handful of upscale hotels and bars began experimenting with stainless steel as a style choice in the late 1990s, making what once was thought of as industrial the height of edgy, trendy, and exceedingly modern decor.

In some circles, an artful stainless steel washroom has become something of a status symbol. Stainless steel is a relatively flexible material, which means it can be adapted and formed into a great many unique bathroom features. Custom stainless steel showers, sunken bathtubs, and designer cabinetry are only some of the options. The majority of fixtures can be integrated into lighting and other design schemes, as well.

For the environmentally conscious, another advantage of a stainless steel washroom may be its sustainability. Stainless steel is typically a recyclable material, and many fixtures can be made-to-order from refurbished or recycled steel. In this way, owners can enjoy something new without exploiting any natural resources, and can rest assured that their pieces may one day be recycled, as well.

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    • Man with hands on his hips
      Man with hands on his hips