What are the Advantages of Wood Shades?

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The use of wood shades as part of a window treatment has becoming increasingly popular in recent years. Once eclipsed by the practical plastic mini-blinds, window shades of this type were once extremely common. As people begin to look for ways to add additional function and texture to living spaces, they have come to appreciate all the benefits offered by wooden style shades.

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One of the major benefits of wood shades is the ability to block much more sunlight than many other shade and blind options. The texture of the shade itself is one of the reasons that the device can darken a room with better effect. For people who sleep during the day, using shades of this kind in a bedroom will be significantly more effective that matchstick blinds or plastic mini-blinds.

Along with blocking outside light, many kinds of wood shades also offer more privacy. While any shade or blind will obscure the view of anyone outside the home, a number of options still make it possible to detect shadows as they move past the covered window. Wood shades are much more effective at eliminating shadows. If you really do not want people observing your silhouette as you move around the interior of your home, going with wooden shades just makes sense.

Style is another advantage with wood shades. These versatile window treatments can be tailored as Roman shades or any type of roller shades. Along with the traditional cord operated designs, you can also obtain wooden cordless shades to dress your windows. This makes it possible to come up with treatments or layered window fashions that will work with just about any d├ęcor.

While providing style and privacy, wood shades are also very easy to maintain. Many of the designs make it very simple to use a soft brush to gently dust the shades. Because of the sturdy wood fibers, cleaning the fittings and body of these window shades requires considerably less effort than dealing with flimsy sets of mini-blinds.

One final attribute of wood shades is their durability. While each shade will cost more than other window treatment options, they will also last much longer. Rather than having to replace blinds or shades every few years, why not spend a little more and go with something that will last for several years instead?

Wood shades are often available at home stores as well as decorating boutiques. The shades can be custom ordered to fit any windows. Thank to online shopping, it is also possible to select and order various types of wooden shades from a wide range of retailers.

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