What are the Advantages of Wind Energy?

Carol Francois

There are four main advantages of wind energy: it is renewable, creates no waste products, is widely available and has low maintenance costs. All four reasons are behind the continued popularity of wind farms around the world. A wind farm is a large expanse of land with multiple wind turbines. The turbines blades are moved by the wind and the force of this movement generates electricity.

Terrestrial wind farm.
Terrestrial wind farm.

Wind energy is harnessed by using the naturally occurring wind to move large turbine blades, designed specifically to maximize the power generated. The wind is not captured or manipulated in any way by this process. Wind moves in patterns around the globe and are affected by weather systems, air pressure and temperature. No human effort is required to create wind, as it is completely naturally occurring.

Wind farm on the ocean.
Wind farm on the ocean.

Any process that takes a raw material and converts it into energy produces waste material. This is true of manmade technologies, like nuclear power, and the process of converting raw food into energy in animals. Wind energy is not converting anything, so there are no waste materials. This is a huge advantage, as the removal and management of waste materials is a recurring issue with all other energy processes.

Wind patterns have been mapped and used for travel and energy conversion for more than 200 years. Ideal locations with a stable wind level are available all over the globe. The wide availability of this resource means that wind power can be made available in remote and urban locations. The wind power generation can occur close to the intended user, reducing the need to transport power over large distances.

Once a wind turbine is installed, there is very little maintenance required. The equipment used to harness wind energy is based on simple mechanical processes. Although training is required to build and maintain these systems, the level of education and time required to obtain this information is approximately one year. This makes it available for quick deploying around the world.

Wind energy is increasing in popularity as equipment costs drop and there is a wider understanding of how these systems work. The feasibility of locating wind turbines within an urban setting is one of continuing debate around the world. As the world continues to search for less expensive energy sources, wind energy will gain more attention and wider usage. Ongoing development is focused on exploring new methods to further expand the options for collecting wind energy.

One advantage of wind energy is that it doesn't create any waste materials.
One advantage of wind energy is that it doesn't create any waste materials.

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