What are the Advantages of Small Bathroom Tile?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers
Smaller bathroom tiles are ideal for use in small bathrooms.
Smaller bathroom tiles are ideal for use in small bathrooms.

The choice of whether to use large or small bathroom tile usually comes down to personal preference, but using smaller tile does have a few practical advantages that are worth considering before deciding. For example, small tiles are typically best for a small bathroom, as larger tiles can make the area look smaller than it is. It should also be noted that small bathroom tile is usually easier to replace than large tile, requiring less work and money. Additionally, small tiles tend to look more elegant, especially since they have so many design options available. These benefits should be carefully weighed before homeowners make a choice for their own home.

Small tile is often the best choice for a small bathroom, so this type of flooring is considered an advantage for homeowners without much space in this room. This is because large tile tends to overwhelm small areas, especially since particularly tiny bathrooms may only be able to fit a few big tiles. This can further be a problem during installation, as it may be necessary to cut the majority of the larger tiles so that they fit. Thus, one of the main advantages of small bathroom tile is its ability to fit well in rooms of nearly any size.

Another perk of smaller tiles is that they can usually be replaced more easily than large tiles. This is because it is typically faster to pry out a small tile than to completely take out a large one, as it is usually necessary to chip away at the tile slowly before it will come out. Additionally, it can be expensive to have to entirely replace a big tile just because a small area on it is stained or cracked. By contrast, taking out one or two smaller tiles due to a minor stain or chip is not only easier to do, but also often less expensive. Therefore, homeowners who are likely to try to replace broken tile on their own will probably appreciate smaller tiles.

Finally, homeowners who opt for small bathroom tile can often get more unique designs. This is because they usually need more tiles than those who choose to use larger ones, allowing them to have more colors in their bathroom. This is useful when creating custom patterns, and typically results in a more elegant look. In general, small bathroom tile offers more flexibility than the larger kind, usually resulting in a neater more professional appearance.

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    • Smaller bathroom tiles are ideal for use in small bathrooms.
      By: mitev
      Smaller bathroom tiles are ideal for use in small bathrooms.