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What Are the Advantages of Medical Coder Certification?

Misty Amber Brighton
Misty Amber Brighton

People who have trained as a medical coder may want to become certified. One of the advantages of medical coder certification is that an individual can be confident he has learned the skills needed to work in this career field. It could also be reassuring to potential employers, giving a certified medical coder an advantage over another. Having a medical coder license could mean better salary and benefits than if an employee were not certified. In many areas, passing a licensing exam is required before being hired to do this work.

Many jurisdictions require medical coder certification for those who would like to work in this career field. Even if it is not mandatory, becoming a certified medical coder can still be a good idea because it shows potential employers that an applicant has the necessary skills for this job. If two candidates have similar training and experience, someone with a medical coder certificate may have an advantage over an individual without a license in this field.

Some medical billing and coding jobs may be telecommute.
Some medical billing and coding jobs may be telecommute.

It is often difficult for students in a medical coding program to know if they are learning relevant material. After passing a medical coding exam, people can feel confident in their ability to work in this field. This confidence could also be helpful when selling their skills during a job interview.

One of the biggest advantages of medical coder certification is the fact that people with this credential typically earn more than unlicensed workers. This is true of medical coders as well as individuals who act as instructors in a medical coding program. When a worker achieves certification in a specialized area of medical coding, such as hospital outpatient records, the earning potential is usually increased substantially.

Medical coder certification can be useful if a worker would like to telecommute because many agencies who allow employees to work from home must be very particular about who they hire. Since they will not be directly supervising an individual, it is imperative that the worker has the proper skills needed to do the job. A certified medical coder is often preferred over one with no credential for this reason.

An exam for medical coder certification typically involves questions on medical terminology and coding techniques. The only educational requirement for taking this test is typically a high school diploma, although most people find an Associate's degree to be helpful. By taking and passing a medical coding exam, workers can ensure their success in a thriving career field for many years to come.

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    • Some medical billing and coding jobs may be telecommute.
      By: a4stockphotos
      Some medical billing and coding jobs may be telecommute.