What are the Advantages of Indoor Teak Furniture?

Christina Edwards

Teak trees, which are native to parts of Indonesia, yield a high quality and much-sought-after wood. Teak wood is used in the construction of boats, flooring, and furniture. This low-maintenance wood has several advantages. Indoor teak furniture is strong and long lasting. It is also resistant to moisture, rot, fungus, and insects.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

Since teak is such a hard wood, quality indoor teak furniture will stand up to years of use, and even abuse. This type of furniture is generally very strong, and does not break or crack as much as other types of furniture. Indoor teak furniture often has the reputation for lasting families for generations.

Because of its strength and it's ability to repel water, teak was once a common wood used to build ships. Along with natural oils, teak wood also contains silica and rubber. These are the compounds that help it repel water. Indoor teak furniture has less of a tendency to become stained because of this. It also makes it harder for the wood to rot or become warped.

Indoor teak furniture also has a reputation of being easy to maintain. Most of the time, the only maintenance needed is a quick dusting. Some individuals with teak furniture may want to wipe it down every year or so with teak oil. This will replenish the natural oils in the wood, and it especially helpful for outdoor teak furniture that is exposed to the elements.

Replenishing the oils in indoor teak furniture not only helps keep it protected, but it also keeps the natural golden brown color of the wood. If the wood is not treated, however, many people believe that it does age gracefully. Deciding whether to keep the golden brown color of the young wood or let the wood age to its silver color is a matter of personal preference, though.

Because of the durability of teak wood, this is a common type of salvaged wood, especially in Indonesia. Flooring, furniture, and other parts of old houses are often salvaged during demolition or deconstruction projects. Teak that is acquired by this method can often be reused regardless of its age. Some individuals use it in the construction of new houses, and it can also be used in a number of other wood working projects, including furniture and cabinetry. Teak that is old is still very easy to work with and build with.

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