What are the Advantages of Bamboo Hardwood Floors?

Jessica Ellis

When choosing flooring material for a new house or home makeover, many people prefer to use hardwood over carpet or other materials. Hardwood is easy to clean and beautiful to look at, and may fit in well with many styles of home d├ęcor. Bamboo hardwood floors have become a popular choice in modern times for a variety of reasons. The unique properties and look of bamboo hardwood floors have created a wide base of fans throughout the world.

Bamboo hardwood floors can be stained to give them a lighter or darker appearance.
Bamboo hardwood floors can be stained to give them a lighter or darker appearance.

Bamboo is a grass rather than a tree and thus can grow at an astonishing rate. Some species have been known to grow up to three ft (0.91 m) per day. Because of this, many types of bamboo are an extremely renewable resource. Bamboo stalks can reach maturity in just a few years, and are considered easier to farm than to harvest from wild sources. For these reasons, bamboo hardwood floors are preferred by many people concerned with sustainable practices. By investing in a renewable resource instead of using traditional hardwoods from vulnerable species, customers can enjoy a beautiful hardwood floor without causing environmental damage.

Bamboo stalks.
Bamboo stalks.

Another major advantage of bamboo hardwood floors is cost-effectiveness. Hardwood flooring is notoriously expensive, due to the rarity of resources and costly manufacturing process. Because bamboo grows quickly and easily, it is far less expensive to manufacture and can save people a considerable amount of money. Some experts suggest that using bamboo floors instead of traditional hardwoods may cut the cost of flooring in half.

Bamboo has long been noted by some experts for its unusual anti-allergen properties, making it a good choice for people suffering from allergies. The composition of the material tends to avoid trapping dust, dirt, and other allergy-causing substances, which can not only help people with allergies but also make cleaning easier. Bamboo hardwood floors are also quite adaptable to humidity and wet climates, preventing the build-up of mold or fungus in the floor.

In terms of design aesthetic, bamboo offers buyers a host of choices. Easily stained to match any desired shade, bamboo floors are a key component of popular design styles. Many forms of Asian and Southeast Asian interior decoration often include bamboo flooring, due to the material's Asian heritage. For people who enjoy Zen-like tranquility, tropical designs, or feng shui enhanced styles, bamboo hardwood floors are an excellent choice.

To order bamboo hardwood flooring, contact local home-supply or green building contractors in the local area. Be certain to ask about price, available styles and colors, and if the wood is farmed or harvested from the wild. Some environmentally-conscious suppliers may be able to offer additional features with bamboo floors, such as built-in ultraviolet protection to prevent fading, or extensive warranties. With a few quick calls or online clicks, a beautiful new bamboo floor could be just days away.

Bamboo floors are easy to clean.
Bamboo floors are easy to clean.

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