What are the Advantages of a Variable Speed Sander?

Jodee Redmond

A variable speed sander offers a level of flexibility that means it can be used for a number of different types of projects, either at home or on a work site. The operator can control the number of rotations per minute to avoid an uneven finish or burning out the sandpaper too quickly. The operator can adjust the speed of the power tool so that he or she feels comfortable using it, which reduces the risk of injuries.

An orbital finishing sander often has varying speeds to ensure a smooth finish can be achieved.
An orbital finishing sander often has varying speeds to ensure a smooth finish can be achieved.

The variable speed sander is available in a number of styles, which makes it adaptable for many different applications. A belt sander is the right choice when the job calls for material to be removed from a large area. Being able to vary the speed of the rollers means that rough sanding may be performed quickly. The vertical belt sander can be mounted onto a pedestal or placed on a wall, if desired.

When the time comes to do work that requires a finer finish, the variable speed sander can be used at a slower speed to do a more precise job. This flexibility means the operator doesn't have to be very concerned about having the sander get away from him when he is trying to use it. When the speed of the sander is slowed down, the operator has better control of how much wood, metal or plastic is removed with each pass of the sander.

A handheld variable speed sander gives the user the flexibility to move the sander to the area where it is needed. The operator can stop sanding at regular intervals to inspect the area to determine whether any further sanding is needed or if a slower speed should be used. The fact that one tool offers multiple speed settings has the advantage of reducing the need to purchase multiple power tools for the same function.

A person who is using a variable speed sander should not operate the power tool at a faster speed than he or she feels comfortable with. This power tool can be used for precise work, but only when the operator is fully in control over where it is being used. When using a sander, safety is an important factor. The operator should avoid overextending his or her reach to get the area where the sanding is needed, since trying to hold onto the sander while reaching increases the likelihood of falling.

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