What are the Advantages of a Panelized House?

Malcolm Tatum

The concept of a modular or panelized home has become more popular in recent years. Once considered to be a cheap and somewhat inferior building option, the panelized house of today is a high quality product that offers a number of advantages to homeowners. In many cases, panelized construction will offer benefits like a reasonable price, the ability to use environmentally friendly materials in the construction, and a considerably shorter construction period.

It is easier to heat an energy-efficient home with solar power.
It is easier to heat an energy-efficient home with solar power.

Price is often one of the main reasons that prospective homeowners consider the idea of a panelized house. Because the segments of the home are manufactured in a factory setting, there is much less waste of materials in the construction process. This translates into lower costs in terms of building materials. Along with more efficient use of materials, the prefabricated sections can be transported and assembled into a sturdy home in much less time than traditional housing, saving a great deal of money on labor costs.

As many people begin to think in terms of environmentally friendly construction, the idea of green building has caught on with a number of panelized house construction companies. Green homes built with a series of modules can make use of a wide range of renewable and sustainable materials, a factor that not only can save money by using recycled materials but also leave less of a footprint on the planet’s ecology. The use of structured insulated panels, or SIP, will help ensure the dwelling is energy efficient, a factor that will enhance the use of green energy sources like wind power or solar panels to operate the home.

The quick turnaround on the construction of a panelized house is easily one of the most attractive aspects of this building option. Once the new owner has chosen the layout for the home, the modules are quickly assembled in a factory and transported to the building site. Before transport, each module is tested to make sure it meets local building standards and will easily pass inspection. At the site, a construction crew arranges the modules into place, connects them using a tight seal, and the home is ready for habitation. This simple process can often be accomplished in half the time it would take to construct the same size and style of home using more traditional building methods.

Without a doubt, the panelized house is well worth considering. For more information, check with companies that offer this type of construction and review some of the standard plans that can be used as is or modified to create the ideal home design. Between the lower price tag, the quick construction, and the ability to choose green building materials, a panelized house is an excellent choice for first time home owners who want a well-built house that they can enjoy for many years to come.

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