What are Sweatshop Free Clothes?

Garry Crystal

In every large city across the globe, sweatshops are in operation. Sweatshops operate by exploiting labor laws. The people who work in sweatshops are usually girls aged 14 to 15. The wages in sweatshops are unbelievably low, sometimes not even enough to put food on the table. Originally based in very poor, third world countries, sweatshops can now be found in almost every country around the world.

Much of the clothing made in China is produced in dangerous or difficult conditions.
Much of the clothing made in China is produced in dangerous or difficult conditions.

Sweatshop free clothes are designed to help eradicate the conditions that exist in sweatshops. If you buy sweatshop free clothes, then you are not contributing to the sweatshop cycle. People have become more aware of the issues of sweatshops and the exploitation of the people working in them. Around the world, there are groups specifically designed to stamp out sweatshops. This includes the recommendation of sweatshop free manufacturers.

Sweatshop-free clothes are designed to eradicate unfair and unsafe labor conditions.
Sweatshop-free clothes are designed to eradicate unfair and unsafe labor conditions.

Recently, student activists at the University of California (UC) have pledged a sweatshop free clothing policy. Two hundred thousand students pledged only to buy clothes bearing the UC logo from approved sweatshop free manufacturers. Approval of the UC clothing will only be given to manufacturers that pay a decent living wage in the country making the clothes.

Most of the clothes worn in the United States are made in sweatshops, mainly located in China. Labels such as Gap and Nike move from country to country employing cheap labor to make their clothes. Sweatshops produce half of the clothing sold in the United States. Wal-Mart is one of the largest sellers of sweatshop clothes.

Sweatshop free clothes are made by workers who are not exploited and can live acceptably from their wages. The workers should have all of the benefits that are taken for granted by workers the world over. Sick pay, holidays and decent working standards should be the norm for all workers, not privileges.

Many large corporations are starting to realize that they cannot keep using sweatshops without ultimately having to pay a price. Major brand labels have been boycotted, resulting in a huge lack of public faith in their products. The result of this is the only thing that the corporations fear – loss of sales.

There are many ways in which the general public can apply pressure to major brands who do not sell sweatshop free clothing. Organizations such as nosweatapparel.com and behindthelabel.org are dedicated to highlighting sweatshop issues. It is up to both the public and the corporations to stamp out this unnecessary evil. Buying sweatshop free clothes is one way to help.

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