What Are Stuffed Burgers?

Christian Petersen

Stuffed burgers are patties of ground meat, usually beef, that have some kind of other food in the middle, like cheese or mushrooms. Burgers can also be made of other meats, however, such as bison or turkey. Many combinations are possible, and the burgers may be cooked in any desired manner, although frying and grilling are the most common.

There are endless combinations available when making stuffed burgers.
There are endless combinations available when making stuffed burgers.

While ground beef is the most common meat used for burgers, other meats and blends of meats can also be used. Ground bison and veal are sometimes used in combination with ground beef, and bison is sometimes used on its own as it has a flavor and texture very similar to beef but with much less fat and cholesterol. Game meats, such as venison, moose, wild boar, and elk are possible as well, although the availability of these meats may be limited. Ground turkey, chicken, and even more exotic meats such as ostrich and alligator are sometimes made into burgers. Wagyu beef, a special type of beef from wagyu cattle, which are the source of kobe beef, is sometimes made into burger, although chefs differ in opinion as to whether this is worthwhile a misuse of this finest type of beef.

Stuffed burgers are often made with meats other than beef, such as bison.
Stuffed burgers are often made with meats other than beef, such as bison.

Almost anything that the cook desires can be used to stuff a burger, although the most common ingredient is probably cheese. Many other foods can be used to make stuffed burgers as well, including chopped bacon, mushrooms, onions, hot chili peppers, or even olives. Other possibilities are restricted only by the limits of the cook's imagination. Making a stuffed burger is relatively simple, and is usually done by forming a thin patty of the ground meat, placing some of the filling in the center, topping it with another thin patty and pressing around the edges to seal the two patties together while flattening the entire assembly to a uniform thickness to promote even cooking.

Stuffed burgers are cooked using any of the methods by which regular burgers are cooked. Frying, grilling, and barbecuing are the most common. While some people prefer their burgers cooked less than well-done, stuffed burgers are usually cooked more closely to well-done to ensure that the filling is thoroughly heated. Burgers are traditionally served on a bun, although they are sometimes served without and called chopped steak or hamburger steak.

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