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What are Some Tips for Creating Personal Growth During Divorce?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

Although divorce is often a stressful time for many people, it can also be a time to achieve personal growth. Divorce causes life as you know it to change completely and suddenly we're on our own and everything seems different. When a divorcing person strives for balance to deal with the changes, the result can be personal growth during divorce that leads to a more self-fulfilling life.

Finding balance when starting to date again can be difficult. If you rush too quickly into a new relationship, you aren't giving ourselves time to learn from the divorce and get to know ourselves as an independent being. Yet, if you are scared to get back out there and so we decide not to date, you're still not achieving personal growth during divorce. A more balanced approach is possible. You can give ourselves time to work through the divorce and our feelings about it while also deciding on an appropriate time to begin dating again.

Divorce is often used as an opportunity to accomplish personal goals.
Divorce is often used as an opportunity to accomplish personal goals.

Remember that you hold the power to choose how you'll spend the rest of your life. Divorce can often allow new opportunities such as going back to school and pursuing new hobbies. Try and create a balance between dating and achieving personal goals. Ask yourself what you truly want out of life. This may help you to at least attempt personal growth through divorce rather than rush into new romantic relationships out of loneliness or the lack of a clear plan.

If you have children involved in the divorce, you must still take time for our personal growth while also helping our children through this confusing time. By figuring out what you and your children need during divorce we can stay on track and strive to reach goals. You must consider the relationships with our selves and our children to be more important than rushing into a new romantic relationship. When you reach our goals and your children are adjusting well, we can begin dating according to the rules we've set for ourselves.

Another way to experience personal growth during divorce is to learn and grow in our relationship with your ex-spouse. If you share no children together, you may never even need to communicate with this person ever again. If you do have children, you need to realize that we're no longer co-partners but, now more than ever, you are co-parents. Remember that you can't control your ex spouse's behavior, but you have the right and responsibility to control your response to it for the sake of your self and your children. Understanding how to use your energies wisely can contribute greatly to your personal growth during divorce.

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    • Divorce is often used as an opportunity to accomplish personal goals.
      By: Monkey Business
      Divorce is often used as an opportunity to accomplish personal goals.