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What are Some Speech Therapy Ideas?

Erin J. Hill
Erin J. Hill

Some speech therapy ideas that parents and teachers may wish to implement with students who have difficulties include pronouncing words appropriately, creating games that allow a child to learn new skills, and encouraging the child to speak as much as possible. Speech therapy is most commonly performed on children because most techniques are more effective when the patterns of speech are still be learned and developed. Although children with severe speech issues may require the aid of a professional speech therapist, there are techniques that can be done at home.

One of the best speech therapy ideas is to allow the child to speak as much as possible. This can be done by making it fun for him by encouraging him to make up stories, say silly rhymes, or sing songs. Parents can help reinforce correct speech by repeating words that are said incorrectly in the proper way. For example if the child says he “bwoke” something, the parent should repeat by saying “You broke it?” By doing this, the child is not corrected outright but still gets the chance to hear the correct pronunciation of words and phrases.

Speech therapy is most commonly performed on children.
Speech therapy is most commonly performed on children.

Parents can also use some speech therapy ideas that are meant to work as actual lessons, with the child actively involved in improving his speech. These can include allowing the child to carefully observe the way words are pronounced. He or she should be shown how the lips and tongue move to create sounds, and should be encouraged to participate by repeating certain sounds. This can be made more fun by exaggerating the sounds beyond proper speech, making them sound animated and funny.

Children with resonance issues, such as speaking too quietly, may benefit from speech therapy ideas involving games with yelling and shouting commands. Red light, green light is one example in which the child can be encouraged to yell commands as loud as he can in order to teach him to project his voice. A child with a stutter may benefit from various therapies involving reciting fun rhymes.

Other speech therapy ideas may include purchasing games that are specially made for children with speech issues, and having parents and siblings participate. By not singling out the child with speech problems, parents can create a more fun and safe environment for learning new skills without feeling self-conscious. This makes therapy sessions more enjoyable for both parents and the child.

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    • Speech therapy is most commonly performed on children.
      By: sakura
      Speech therapy is most commonly performed on children.