What are Some Gift Ideas for Writers?

Lauren Romano

Many writers live for their work. They have such a passion for what they do that when you need to get them a gift, you already know the direction to head in. If you are thinking about what to buy a writer in your life, here are some ideas to help you get started.

A leather bound writing journal and matching pen could be a nice gift for a writer.
A leather bound writing journal and matching pen could be a nice gift for a writer.

A gift certificate to an office supply store is a useful gift idea for writers. The amount of paper, ink, notebooks, pens, pencils and folders that one goes through in the writing profession can be immense. It is a present that could help to ease some of the cost of necessary expenses.

A massage makes a nice gift.
A massage makes a nice gift.

Another gift idea for writers is a magazine subscription to a magazine that is tailored to their profession. This present could offer some beneficial advice to the recipient. There are a few magazines to choose from and the price usually ranges around $30 US Dollars (USD) for a year subscription.

Pencils are a good gift idea for writers.
Pencils are a good gift idea for writers.

A hardcover, blank journal with a matching pen is another great gift idea for writers. It can be handy to carry around a small journal to write thoughts down in or do a little work when the mood strikes. Prices for this present will vary as some journals and pens can be very simple or could be quite elaborate.

A massage is a gift idea for writers that many would love to receive. Being hunched over a computer or a notebook for hours a day can put a strain on the shoulders and back. A local reputable spa should have various packages available in several price ranges that you can choose from.

If there is a local writing class that the potential recipient has been talking about, you may consider giving the gift of education. It is a gift idea for those writers who have been dropping hints about wanting to sharpen their skills. These classes usually cost about $100 USD or more but could end up being an invaluable present.

Noise canceling headphones are a wise gift for those that can’t concentrate with a racket going on around them. They are a good gift idea for writers who like to get out and do some work in café’s, parks, or other outdoor spots around town. Noise canceling headphones could help drown out noise and be more efficient in their work.

When giving presents to a writer, there is nothing like giving one that supports their passion. Before choosing the gift, it is best to make every effort to have it be thoughtful, useful, and be given with good intention. If you give something from your heart, then it will most likely be loved and appreciated.

Notebooks and other supplies make good gifts for writers.
Notebooks and other supplies make good gifts for writers.

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BrickBack-Wow that is a great gift idea for a boyfriend as well.

He is a writer and the thought never occurred to me. I always give him gift cards for Barnes and Noble, but next time I will try getting a Kindle.

This is also a great gift idea for a dad too. My father loves to read and I also always buy him books. But since he is a writer I think I will buy him an engraved pen. This is a great men's gift or a gift idea for him if you can not figure out what to give. You might even get away with a gift like that as a Valentine's gift as well.

I was thinking of getting a Mont Blanc pen for him, but they are very expensive. I enjoying giving gifts that people would love to have but would not spend on themselves.


A great gift idea for mom that happens to be a writer is a Kindle or a Nook.

These devices are pricey, but worth every penny. Most writers are voracious readers and cannot get enough of the written word. Here you can download any book you want instantly and carry around a little device that you can read from.

It really will come in handy anytime you have to wait for extended periods of time and keep you entertained.

It easily fits in your purse and really makes your day even more pleasant. I received one of these as a gift once and I could not get enough of it. It is really a useful and incredibly thoughtful idea for a gift especially for a writer.

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