What are Some Easy Garden Plants?

N. Phipps
N. Phipps
Gardening tools and potted plants.
Gardening tools and potted plants.

One of the best ways to make gardening easier is to plan ahead. While this includes design and site preparation, it also includes choosing low-maintenance garden plants. This is considered an important aspect of successful gardening. When choosing plants, look for native varieties and place them with those that share similar needs. Also, consider their growth characteristics and overall height.

Some of the best garden plants are those which are drought tolerant. Not only are these well adapted to areas with little rainfall, they are also tolerant of minor neglect, as they require little maintenance. In addition, compact garden plants are good choices, as they do not require staking. It may also prove wise to stay away from overly aggressive plants. These are known to take over garden areas.

Some good easy-care perennials, also known for their drought-tolerant qualities, include sedum, coreopsis, black-eyed Susan, liatris, coneflower and blanket flower. Sedum is well known for its ease of care and attractive flowerheads. The daisy-like blooms of coreopsis are not only stunning, but these garden plants are also tolerant of many conditions. An old-time favorite, black-eyed Susan makes a great addition to nearly any landscape. This easy-care plant thrives in dry sunny areas.

Another good choice is liatris, or blazing star. Simply sink their bulbs a couple inches into the ground and these garden plants do the rest, rewarding the gardener with spikes of fuzzy looking purple or white blooms. Often seen growing in meadows, the purple coneflower and blanket flower are also exceptional plants that are easy to care for. Both are attractive, low-maintenance and drought tolerant.

Foliage garden plants can also make great choices for easy-care gardens. Hosta, for instance, is considered a popular landscaping plant. While many varieties make good choices for shade, hosta will also thrive in sun and tolerate a wide range of soil conditions. Lamb’s ear is another favorite with soft, fuzzy silver-gray foliage. It requires little maintenance and is also tolerant of many conditions, including drought.

There are numerous garden plants that could fit into an easy-care garden theme. Careful research into particular regions and the plants that thrive there will often yield the best results. It also depends on the gardener’s preferences and garden style. It is also a good idea to choose plants based on their seasonal interest. This allows something to always be in bloom or at least eye catching during each season.

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    • Gardening tools and potted plants.
      Gardening tools and potted plants.