What are Some Anniversary Party Ideas?

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Anniversary parties can be a lot of fun, but they also can be a challenge. Regardless of whether you are arranging an intimate party involving a few close friends or planning a celebration that involves lots of people, you normally want to plan an event that is a little different from the parties the happy couple have known in the past. If you are in need of unique and fun anniversary party ideas, here are a few suggestions.

Anniversary parties might include karaoke.
Anniversary parties might include karaoke.

One approach to anniversary party ideas is to create an environment for the party that imitates a locale the couple has always wanted to visit, but has yet to include in their travels. For example, if the couple have always wanted to go to Hawaii, stage the anniversary party as a luau. It is not that difficult to transform a backyard into the perfect setting. Rent a few potted palms, haul in some sand and prepare various dishes of Hawaiian cuisine. You can even include hula dancers if you like. Everyone will have a great time, including the guests of honor.

Anniversary parties might take place at a nice restaurant.
Anniversary parties might take place at a nice restaurant.

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Another unique way to celebrate wedding anniversaries is to stage a roast of the happy couple. To accomplish this, prepare a meal that is composed of all their favorite dishes. Invite long time friends and family to provide the after dinner entertainment by recalling some of the wacky events they’ve enjoyed with the guests of honor over the years. This party idea makes it possible for everyone to relive fond memories and appreciate the close bonds that developed over the years.

Anniversaries are commonly celebrated with just a small group of close friends.
Anniversaries are commonly celebrated with just a small group of close friends.

While similar in nature, you may find that it is more appropriate to set up an event that chronicles significant events in the life of the couple. This type of wedding anniversary idea would focus more on including people from the past who shared in important events in the life of the couple. You could invite the clergyperson who officiated at the wedding, as well as the doctor who delivered the couple’s first child. Former and current employers, long time neighbors, and other key people could attend the event and offer anecdotes about their relationship with the couple and also invoke a lot of warm memories.

There are many different approaches to anniversary party ideas. Selecting viable ideas for the event depend heavily on the preferences of the couple themselves. A large party may not be appropriate for a couple who tend to prefer smaller gatherings. Any health issues should also be taken into consideration, since the main focus of anniversary party ideas is to delight and please the guests of honor. As long as the couple remains the focus of the event, there is an excellent chance of coming up with innovative anniversary party ideas that lead to a joyous celebration.

A party on a beach would make for a memorable anniversary.
A party on a beach would make for a memorable anniversary.

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My parents didn't want to play any kind of anniversary party games at their big anniversary party. My sisters and I were kind of surprised by that since our parents loved playing games throughout their marriage. So, we felt like we needed to come up with something that would be fun for everyone at the party.

Each of us kids decided to choose a project to be in charge of for the party. I got the job of collecting old photos and putting them on a dvd to music. It turned out to be a wonderful walk down memory lane for everyone at the party. There wasn't a dry eye in the house.

Choosing the music turned out to be simple, I played some music for them from a movie soundtrack that they loved, and I observed them to see which songs they responded to.


My brother and I decided we were going to throw our parents a 50th wedding anniversary party. We were shocked to find out our very gregarious parents wanted to have nothing to do with a party. Their idea was to get in the car and drive around the country to places they had never been - all by themselves.

So, we decided to give them Visa gift cards to use as they liked on their very special anniversary journey.

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