What are Scissor Pallet Trucks?

Mary McMahon

Scissor pallet trucks resemble conventional pallet trucks, designed for lifting and moving singly stacked pallets. However, scissor pallet trucks integrate a scissor-type lifting mechanism that allows pallets on the truck to be elevated, into a truck or onto a higher shelf, for example. Scissor pallet trucks are an excellent choice for working in areas with space restrictions that do not permit a full-sized forklift, or in the event that singly stacked pallets need to be quickly moved from one location to another. They are also very effective for offloading vans and trucks, because of their maneuverability and small turning radius.


Scissor lifting mechanisms are constructed using a folding support system consisting of interlinked bars. As the system extends, the lift is raised, and as it contracts, the lift lowers. Scissor lifts differ from conventional lifts in that they do not rise at a continuous rate of speed, but rather more slowly at either end of the extension. As a result, they tend to be bumpier than conventional hydraulic lifts.

Scissor pallet trucks are a convenient solution for businesses that need to move inventory around quickly and effectively in a limited space. They are also relatively compact when stored, because of their folding nature. Scissor pallet trucks also tend to lift loads more evenly, because the weight is distributed across the arms of the scissors rather than being borne by one or two points, as in conventional hydraulic lifting pallet trucks.

Scissor pallet trucks help to minimize the amount of manual lifting, repositioning, and other types of handling that workers have to do, cutting down on workplace injuries and making warehousing more efficient, because one worker with a scissor pallet truck can quickly and safely move large pallets around. Scissor pallet trucks also tend to be less expensive, making them a natural choice for companies that wish to use their funds effectively. A number of companies manufacture a variety of scissor pallet trucks capable of lifting loads of all sizes, and they can be seen in warehouses all over the world.

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