What are Satin Slippers?

Erika Peterson

A satin slipper is a type of footwear. Slippers serve multiple purposes, but their two main purposes are to protect feet and keep them warm. Slippers are often worn instead of socks. Satin slippers can be made in any style, from slip-ons to boots. Some even have sturdy soles, and they are appropriate to wear outdoors and indoors.

Satin fabric.
Satin fabric.

While slippers are designed to both protect and keep a person’s feet warm, those are not their only functions. Slippers also act as a barrier between a person’s feet and the floor. They prevent slipping on certain surfaces, and they make it safer to walk around a cluttered house. Besides being functional, slippers can also be a fashionable piece of apparel.

Ballet slippers are made of satin.
Ballet slippers are made of satin.

Satin slippers are popular with both men and women; however, women’s slippers come in different styles than men’s slippers. Women’s satin slippers include ballet slippers, pumps, boots and slip-ons. On the other hand, men’s slippers are most often the slip-on or moccasin variety. The entire slipper can sometimes be made from satin, but it is most frequently made from satin along with other materials. Other materials can include cotton, polyester and other natural and synthetic fabrics.

There are both indoor and outdoor slippers. Indoor slippers have a soft bottom, and they are comfortable to wear everywhere indoors. These types of slippers can even be worn under covers and while lying in bed. Outdoor slippers have a sole. In outdoor slippers it is often plastic or another type of material that is non-slip and easy to clean. Outdoor slippers can be worn both in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Another type of satin slipper is the travel slipper. Travel slippers are made especially to fit in a suitcase or another piece of luggage. They are usually pliable, or they are at least able to fold for travel. Travel satin slippers are often made in the ballet slipper style, but they can be other styles as well.

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