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What are Sandstone Pavers?

Sherry Holetzky
Sherry Holetzky

Sandstone has the contradictory and somewhat unusual reputation of being both a “soft” and a hard stone. It is soft in that it is easy to work with but being a sedimentary rock, one which was developed over a long period of time, it is also quite durable. Sandstone is commonly thought of as being a sandy or golden color, but it is also available in several other colors including brownstone, blue, and green.

Pavers are generally rough stone blocks in varied shapes and colors. They are used to create stepping stones, walkways, patios, pool areas, and other outdoor surfaces. While they can be used as a form of attractive indoor flooring as well they are frequently used outdoors in many types of landscaping projects.

A piece of sandstone.
A piece of sandstone.

There are also molds used to create pavers such as concrete and other types of pavers. Sandstone pavers are natural stone pavers and are not created through the use of poured molds. The rock is mined or collected from quarries. It can then be cut to size and shape. The buyer can choose from typical shapes or create his or her own.

The most common shapes for sandstone pavers are squares and rectangles. They are very easy to cut, so they tend to cost less. This is especially true as compared to custom designs. “Cut offs,” the irregular shapes left over after other designs are cut, can be used to create an old look with sandstone pavers, which adds a lot of charm. Cut offs tend to be quite affordable, since they are leftover material, which might otherwise go to waste.

Oxidation tends to change the texture and the color, but sandstone pavers hold up well and are generally not harmed by the elements. They simply age well, improving both their texture and color over time. In fact, one of the biggest benefits of adding sandstone pavers to a landscape design is that the longer they are used the better they tend to look. This cannot be said for many other types of materials.

Sandstone pavers provide a beautiful, easy to work with material from which to create an attractive, textured walkway or other outdoor design feature. They can complement the exterior of most homes and work well with most landscaping designs due to their natural color and appearance.

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    • A piece of sandstone.
      By: Tyler Boyes
      A piece of sandstone.