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What are Rock Speakers?

Ken Black
Ken Black

Rock speakers are speakers with a facade designed to look like rocks, but which actually deliver audio, usually in an outdoor setting. While the speakers may cost a little more than traditional audio speakers of a similar quality, they offer a great benefit for those trying to keep with a certain theme. Outdoor rock speakers are available in a number of different sizes, powers and rock colors.

Many may have seen rock speakers not in a home environment, but in a restaurant or perhaps a theme park, which often work hard to create a certain environment. However, they have also become popular options for home speakers. Those who work hard on landscaping and enjoy a lot of time outdoors will appreciate these speakers, which will not cause an unsightly intrusion.

Woman holding an optical disc
Woman holding an optical disc

Rock speakers can be found resembling a number of different types and colors of rocks. However, there may be times when there is simply not a color scheme that will work with the existing landscaping. In some cases, for an additional expense, some companies are willing to create custom colors, giving the yard a unique look.

Like traditional speakers, rock speakers come in a variety of powers and qualities. Determining these traits is a personal preference, depending on how much sound one needs to deliver to a given area. Generally, given the fact the speakers will be outdoors and thus subject to more abuse than other home speakers, you should get the best quality speakers you can afford.

In addition to their looks, many rock speakers come with the added benefit of being wireless. This makes installation very easy. The wireless rock speaker comes with a small and unobtrusive receiving device which is very easy to conceal. This feature saves a lot of time and effort in what otherwise could be a very tedious job of concealing the wires. Those who decide on a wired version should get speaker wire designed to be buried and heavier duty.

Outdoor rock speakers are generally more expensive for a number of different reasons. First, creating the facade takes a little additional money. Second, because the speakers are meant to be used in an outdoor setting, they must be made weather resistant.

It is possible to find a set of rock speakers for $50 US Dollars (USD), ormaybe a little less. However, this would be a very low-end set without much bass and likely not capable of very high volumes without severe distortion. Those wanting better quality will see prices start at approximately $150 USD and go up from there.

Discussion Comments


I have outside rock speakers all along the path from my house down to the lake. It is about a half a mile. It's cool because the sound almost guides you along. It creates an audio path.


How much would I expect to pay for rock shaped speakers? I have some outdoor speakers now, but I feel like they are kind of gaudy. I do not want to look out over my backyard and see a subwoofer sitting out there.

I think those rock speakers are really cool but I have already spent a bunch of money on the backyard this season and I'm not sure I have the cash for an expensive sound system.


I went to a party at the house of a very rich friend once and they had rock speakers all over the backyard. It was really cool and also kind of weird. It was like you could not escape the sound, which is a good thing at a party but maybe not always a great thing.

They also had speakers underwater in the pool. You could actually hear the music crystal clear even deep under the water. They obviously liked their music and had some money to burn.

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    • Woman holding an optical disc
      Woman holding an optical disc