What Are Red Pimples?

Jennifer Leigh

Red pimples generally are a form of acne, which is caused by clogged pores in the skin. The problem of acne can occur in people of any age, but it happens a lot to teenagers because of the hormonal changes that are occurring in the body at this time. There are different forms of acne that occur, including whiteheads, blackheads and red pimples. The condition can be exacerbated by certain triggers, but some people have a genetic predisposition toward acne that other people do not have.

Red pimples tend to be a form of acne.
Red pimples tend to be a form of acne.

When a hair follicle wall breaks underneath the skin, a red bump forms, which happens when the hair follicle has excess sebum, or oil, stuck within it. Sometimes these hair follicles can break more deeply underneath the skin, which is referred to as cystic acne. Whiteheads occur when a hair follicle becomes plugged and a white bump is visible on the surface of the skin. A blackhead is caused when the oil comes into contact with the air on the surface of the face. An individual who is experiencing these symptoms should see a dermatologist to determine which type of acne he or she has in order to treat it properly.

The color of red pimples comes from an inflammatory response.
The color of red pimples comes from an inflammatory response.

Acne occurs more often in teenagers and young adults but can be seen in a percentage of the adult population as well. Teenagers generally have more problems with acne because of the large number of hormonal changes that they are experiencing, but adults who have hormonal imbalances suffer as well. In some people, things such as alcohol, caffeine and makeup can trigger breakouts of red pimples. They also can be caused by unhealthy skincare routines that involve scrubbing the skin too hard or using cleansers that are too harsh. Picking and squeezing red pimples can make them worse and cause long-lasting scarring.

Some conditions that involve red pimples seem to run in people's families, which is something that cannot be helped. In other cases, there are many forms of prevention and treatments that can be utilized, including prescription medications, proper face washing techniques and the avoidance of triggers. Face creams and washes that have the ingredients benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid can help to dry out red pimples if and when they occur. Red pimples also can develop on areas of the body other than the face, and cleansers and products are available for these areas as well.

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