What Are Reclaimed Paving Slabs?

Anna B. Smith
Anna B. Smith
Moss growing between reclaimed paving stones.
Moss growing between reclaimed paving stones.

Reclaimed paving slabs are building blocks that have been salvaged from old, often historic, locations. These stones may be purchased to suit any stylistic need in regards to stone sizing and appearance. They may be used inside or outside of the home to add charm and match historic features of existing properties. These stones are typically labeled according to their age, type of stone, and original location to facilitate the purchasing experience. They are frequently used to maintain the quality of the restoration work performed on period building sites.

A wide variety of color, size, and shape may be found in reclaimed paving slabs. These blocks are traditionally used outdoors to create patios, walkways, and decorative garden areas. They may be made from cobblestones, sandstone, or York stone, among other varieties.

The color and texture of the reclaimed paving slabs often depends on the age and location of the site from which they were taken. These paving bricks tend to have an aged and weathered appearance; many have been faded or discolored by exposure to sea air or from the growth of lichen and moss directly into the porous surface of the stone.

These paving slabs are often a favorite choice for use in home and building restoration because their aged appearance can be made to blend with existing patios and walkways surrounding old churchyards and historic homes. Some of the materials used in the construction of the original slabs may also be out of production. In such instances, reclaimed paving slabs are invaluable for providing a building resource that is no longer manufactured, and may otherwise be difficult to locate.

Reclaimed paving slabs may also be used for interior flooring as well. York paving stones and cultured quarry stones are two common choices used in entryways and kitchens of restored homes, as well as in the vestibules and central aisles of many historic churches. Stones purchased for interior use may be cleaned more thoroughly than those intended for use in the garden, to prevent growth of unwanted moss and mold indoors.

Sellers of reclaimed paving slabs often identify the age and source of their building materials. This information allows professional restorers to accurately identify those materials that work well with the timeline of their home or building project. Many of the paving stone slab lots are considered mixed, indicating that stones within each batch are not necessarily from the same location or time period.

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    • Moss growing between reclaimed paving stones.
      Moss growing between reclaimed paving stones.