What are Raised Garden Kits?

S. Gonzales
S. Gonzales
Soil can be manipulated to suit a gardener's needs.
Soil can be manipulated to suit a gardener's needs.

Raised garden kits are kits that allow home gardeners to build raised gardens on their properties. Raised gardens offer a number of advantages over their traditional garden counterparts. However, the most attractive advantage may simply be productivity. If a homeowner decides to purchase and use a raised garden kit, he may find his plants and vegetables thriving by twice as much as he would in a standard garden.

The benefits of buying and using raised garden kits are tremendous for a gardener. Raised gardens can stretch out space. That means that there can be more garden available to the homeowner — much more than a standard garden would allow. For instance, plants in a raised garden bed do not need as much space apart as they would in a traditional garden. This leaves more room for more plants to be put into a raised garden. For this reason, raising personal crops is a real possibility for those who use raised garden kits.

Plant health can also benefit from raised gardens. Excess moisture can become a thing of the past in raised gardens. Soil can be easily manipulated to mirror the best conditions for plant growth. The application of essentials like water, compost, food, fertilizer and mulch can be better controlled and this may also lead to higher productivity in plants and crops.

Gardens constructed from raised garden kits begin becoming fruitful very early in the spring season. Their productivity also lasts well into the fall season. Creating a raised garden means that the risk for soil compaction drops and plants are allowed to breathe. When plants are given the right amount of air, their fruitfulness increases.

Using raised garden kits can also benefit a homeowner's body. If installed, these types of gardens no longer require that a homeowner bend over or arch his back to get to them. Instead, a homeowner can simply stand or sit on a seat and tend to his garden with minimal stress on his body.

Raised garden kits can be purchased in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit the needs or preferences of the homeowner. Aesthetically, their implementation can add a certain charm to a homeowner's landscaping. However, they are not without disadvantages. Disassembly and reassembly may prove to be difficult for the average home gardener. In addition, the difficulty associated with rearranging a garden can often result in a homeowner deciding to leave the garden at the wayside.

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    • Soil can be manipulated to suit a gardener's needs.
      Soil can be manipulated to suit a gardener's needs.