What Are Nose Strips?

Amanda R. Bell
Amanda R. Bell
Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Nose strips are popular beauty products meant to unclog pores, thus reducing blackheads and the frequency of breakouts while limiting irritation if used less than four times a month. They work by adhering to the bacteria, oil, and dirt that are clogging the pores, removing the majority of it when the strips are taken off. Available in several different types of stores in most countries, nose strips can also be made at home or by hand with items that can easily be found in local grocery stores.

This product is primarily used to reduce the appearance of blackheads on the nose, with the frequency of usage depending on one’s skin type. It can potentially reduce the chances of standard pimples from developing, as it helps to clear the pores of the bacteria and dirt that often cause acne. Despite this, it is generally not used to treat existing pimples; in most cases, it is only used to remove blackheads from the skin and clear out the pores. For those with normal skin, these strips are typically recommended for use once a week, although those with sensitive skin should typically stick to once or twice a month.

The manner in which nose strips work is relatively basic. The strip is either wet down once it is placed on the nose or a wet mixture is applied to a cloth before the strip is placed on the skin. As the wet ingredients dry, they stick to the grime and oil in the pores, and, once the strip is dry to the touch and slightly hard, it is swiftly removed. Much of the pore-clogging material is removed with the strip, leaving pores significantly cleaner.

There are drugstore and high-end versions of nose strips, both of which are readily available in the United States, Europe, and Canada, as well as many other countries. The prices for these types of products can vary dramatically despite the fact that most work in the exact same way, although not all do so as efficiently as others do. Store-bought versions generally come in dry strips that are applied to a wet nose or wet down with water once placed on the nose. For most, these types of nose strips work in about 10 minutes.

Beauty products such as these are also easy to make at home, and similar varieties are commonly used in spas during facials. The easiest recipe involves mixing gelatin and milk together, and then applying a thin layer to the skin. Once dry, it peels off like a strip, often providing the same benefits as store-bought types. A similar homemade version utilizes a mix of honey and buttermilk, with a piece of cloth acting as the strip.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book