What are Motor Caddies?

Leo J

There are several bag-toting options for recreational golfers, and their differences are much more than cosmetic. Each provides a different level of physical exercise, convenience and cost.

A person playing golf.
A person playing golf.

Motor caddies are perhaps the least common of these options, mainly because they lack the convenience of pull carts and are much more expensive. Golfers most likely to use motor caddies are those who want the exercise that comes from walking 18 holes, but cannot or do not want to push or pull their golf bag on a standard pull cart. Motor caddies are motorized, three-wheeled carts that allow golfers to walk alongside their bags. Some higher-end models even come with remote controls.

A golf course.
A golf course.

While motor caddies are one of the more convenient options on the course, they can be one of the least convenient off the course. Many motor caddies have bulky motors, which can be difficult for some people to get in and out of their trunks. And motor caddies run on a battery, which must be kept charged. Carrying your bag on a strap over your shoulder is clearly less expensive than using motor caddies, and it provides much more physical exercise. But for many golfers, carrying a bag for 18 holes is too physically demanding to be fun.

The opposite extreme is the electric cart, a two-seated buggy that can be rented from the golf course for a single round. This is a popular option for "weekend" golfers, who are not necessarily playing for exercise and who can afford the sometimes costly rental fee. Electric carts are the only option — aside from human caddies who carry your bag for you — that provide less exercise than motor caddies. Electric carts can also be purchased, but unless you live on or next door to a golf course, this is not a practical option.

The pull cart is one of the most common options for recreational golfers. Pull carts are similar in appearance to motor caddies, but without the motor. They are generally very light-weight and can fold up to easily fit into the trunk of a car, and they can be a comparatively dirt-cheap alternative to renting electric carts or purchasing motor caddies. The pull cart is also a good option for golfers who want some exercise but cannot handle carrying a bag.

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