What are Mobile Phone Alerts?

S. Gonzales

Mobile phone alerts are text messages sent to cell phones. They are designed to inform or alert a user of specific information. Generally, the information on which a user receives alerts is selected by the user. To receive mobile phone alerts, cell phone owners typically have to sign up for them first.

Mobile phone alerts may provide reminders to cell phone users.
Mobile phone alerts may provide reminders to cell phone users.

The types of mobile phone alerts available are numerous and variable. The average user downloads text alerts that correspond to his or her lifestyle. For example, someone interested in personal financial management might request text alerts from his bank. Users who sign up for mobile phone alerts from banks may be able to track account activity, be notified of withdrawals and deposits, and be informed of current balances. This type of alert is especially helpful for those concerned about suspicious credit card activity or identity theft.

Many phones alert their user when a new message has arrived.
Many phones alert their user when a new message has arrived.

Environmental updates are also popular with cell phone users. By signing up for these types of mobile phone alerts, a user can be easily kept apprised of traffic conditions, weather changes, and emergency news. Text alerts dedicated to environmental updates can help a user save time and keep him informed of important developments in his immediate surroundings without the use of a radio or television.

Those interested in self-improvement may also be able to find value in mobile phone alerts. Text alerts from newspapers, online classified advertisements, and job websites can deliver employment opportunities to someone who wants to make a career change. Inspirational quotes or lifestyle tips can also be ordered and received to keep a user motivated and on track with his or her lifestyle choice. For example, someone who wants to lose weight may prefer to receive text alerts that detail healthy recipes or new exercise ideas.

Cell phone users may use mobile phone alerts for entertainment purposes. Users may receive daily horoscopes, jokes, or keep on top of celebrity gossip with text alerts. Fun alerts may keep a user busy and occupied during his daily routines.

Receiving mobile phone alerts gives an already mobile and busy cell phone user more freedom in his daily life. He can remain on-the-go while still being connected to events and news that he would otherwise not have access to. While many alerts are free to have sent, extra charges may be applied to a user's phone bill, since many cell phone companies charge for received texts if text messaging is not already covered by a user's cell phone plan.

Mobile alerts from banks inform customers about balances, recent account activity, payments and purchases.
Mobile alerts from banks inform customers about balances, recent account activity, payments and purchases.

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I am a bit of a mobile phone SMS addict and I have all sorts of information sent to my cell phone. I really like that I can program different text message alert tones so I know where my alerts are coming from without looking.

For the most part I get sports scores and traffic updates sent to my phone which helps me keep up to date with the things that are most important to me. I also recently signed up for alerts through SMS from my bank which let me know when I get a new deposit. It is nice being alerted to changes in your account. It really saves you from constantly having to login online and check your banking.


@letshearit - i had the exact same thing happen to me when I tried to sign up for some free mobile phone alerts for things that I like. I am pretty sure those companies sold my cell phone number to some sort of advertising list. Unfortunately you can't do much about it.

I ended up having to change my number and swear off free mobile phone alerts because I couldn't find unsubscribe information for 90% of the messages I was getting. Plus it seemed nearly impossible to me to go through every single one of them to request they stop messaging me. I suppose I learned a lesson.


I am getting inundated with mobile phone messages and am not sure how to turn off all of the cell phone alerts I am receiving. I originally signed up for a few mobile phone weather alerts but now it seems like I am receiving messages from dozens of different companies.

Does anyone know how to get myself out of this mess of mobile phone alerts?

I am hoping that there is a simple solution to this because I hate having to delete pages of messages. It is getting as bad as my junk in my e-mail account. I still can't get that under control.

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