What are Macodes?

Sarah Sullins
Sarah Sullins
Macodes were known to be found on rain forest floors.
Macodes were known to be found on rain forest floors.

Macodes are a species of orchid that are located mostly in the water or in wet areas where shade is plentiful. They are believed to have originated in Southeast Asia, where they were usually found on the floor of rain forests. These types of orchids are quite rare and are not for sale in flower shops very often. They are part of a special class of orchids known as the jewel orchids.

These plants are typically known for their extraordinary leaves and not for their beautiful flowers. There are two main kinds of macodes — Macodes sanderiana and Macodes petola — although there are numerous hybrids that have been created from these plants and other types of orchids. Also, there are a few other lesser-known varieties of plants in this genus. The first main type of macodes has soft, dark leaves that have the texture of velvet and veins the color of gold. Generally, the second type has intricate, bright veins and shiny leaves.

Orchids grow slowly and need a lot of shade and humidity. People who want to grow orchids like the macodes have to first determine whether the environment in which they live is suitable for this kind of jewel orchid. These plants must have plenty of shaded area. The temperature cannot go above 80° F (about 26.7° C) during the day and should not fall below 60° F (about 15.6° C) at night. Humidity generally needs to remain between 70 and 80 percent if the orchids are going to grow correctly.

These plants can be grown indoors in a terrarium. Other plants can be included in the terrarium if they require the same kind of environment as this particular orchid. It is a also good idea to grow the macodes in rooms that have a lot of humidity, such as the kitchen or bathroom. They will grow better if they are provided some diluted fertilizer, moss, and water.

Macodes should never be grown near a window that provides a lot of direct sunlight. These plants do require some light to grow, though, so they should be placed where they can get indirect sunlight, or they should be placed under a fluorescent light. The light should be hung about 2 feet (about 60.96 cm) above the plant and should only be on up to 12 hours a day. If the plant develops black spots on its leaves, it means that it has experienced too much direct sunlight.

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    • Macodes were known to be found on rain forest floors.
      By: mtilghma
      Macodes were known to be found on rain forest floors.