What are LED Landscape Lights?

Norma Jean Howland

Light emitting diode (LED) landscape lights are outdoor lighting systems that utilize LED technology, which is also used for many electronic systems found in the home. These lights illuminate outside spaces while using much less electricity than traditional incandescent lights, making them a popular choice for those who are ecologically minded. LED lights tend to be more durable than incandescent lighting as well and often are found in places where other lights would be impractical, such as fences, decks or walkways. LED landscape lights also may replace traditional spotlights, lanterns or be used as recessed lighting in a walkway. To create ambience in a backyard setting, LED lights may grace trees with hanging lights or light up a grill with a “goose-neck” clip-on light.

LED landscape lights may be used to illuminate outside spaces.
LED landscape lights may be used to illuminate outside spaces.

Fashion-conscious landscape designers often look to LED landscape lights to create special effect lighting in an outdoor setting. Installing recessed LED lights into a deck floor for instance, may transform the entire area once night falls. Several hanging pendant lights may lend a cozy glow to a patio or welcome visitors near the front entrance of a home. Exterior LED sconces could dramatically light up a fence, highlight a garage or put the focus on a unique deck railing. These light fixtures are usually made of steel, brass or copper and use LED lights in hues of red, green, blue, amber or white.

LED landscape lights can be used to replace traditional spotlights.
LED landscape lights can be used to replace traditional spotlights.

In an outdoor environment, LED landscape lights may be easier to work with when it comes to wiring and electrical concerns, due to their low-voltage requirements. This may make lighting up a remote area of a homeowner’s property a possibility, compared to what would be needed to install traditional outdoor lighting. Usually, LED lights need just a fraction of the power needed by standard outdoor lighting, which also makes this type of lighting popular with homeowners who are trying to reduce their carbon footprint.

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Using LED landscape lights in the garden may also be a more practical way to showcase plants — and a safer one too, as LED lights do not get hot to the touch. In comparison to incandescent lighting, which can get fairly hot, this may also put homeowners at ease when it comes to pet safety. This type of outdoor lighting also tends to be more durable than most traditional lighting systems because LED lights do not have filaments that can break, which also may make LED systems a popular choice for lighting up ponds or rock gardens.

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Thanks for all the great advice. I want to do some sort of outdoor lighting and this is really good to know. Thanks for sharing.


We love to entertain outside when the weather is nice and added some LED landscape lights to our deck. This creates such a nice, welcoming atmosphere that we really enjoy.

I also use some solar landscape lights along the walkway for a nice look. These are more for decoration because they don't give off that much light.

The LED lights give off more light without being too bright or obnoxious. I have two flower gardens on each side of the deck and have also used some of this lighting in these gardens so you can see them at night.

There is something about lights at night that is very appealing and I think it adds so much to the outside of your home.

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