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What Are Lamb Loin Chops?

Kristeen Moore
Kristeen Moore

Lamb loin chops are derived from the backs of the animals, and they contain less fat than other types of meat cuts of this kind. Loin chops are located near the ribs of lambs, and they often contain parts of the backbone. The most common ways to cook this cut of meat is through pan-frying, broiling or grilling. Herbs, such as mint, are the most commonly used ingredients when cooking loin chops. Lamb is more common in some countries, and it is an expensive delicacy in other regions of the world.

This version of chops is extremely versatile, because they can be cooked in many ways. Lamb loin chops complement vegetables on the grill, or they can be cooked indoors on a skillet or broiled in the oven. The method of cooking depends on the recipe used; generally, the more complex dishes that call for additions such as cheeses typically are broiled.


One of the reasons why lamb loin chops are so popular is that cooks generally do not have to add many ingredients to draw out the taste of the meat. Herbs such as garlic, mint and rosemary complement the meat well, as do sea salt and pepper. Goat cheese is often used with lamb dishes, because it has a strong taste that does not conflict with the flavor of the meat. Traditionally, lamb is served with simple side dishes such as buttered potatoes, carrots and green beans. The meat offers such big flavor that little else usually is necessary to add to the main course.

Cooking lamb itself is an important step to ensure that the flavor is preserved. Unlike other types of meat, such as chicken, lamb loin chops are intentionally left slightly pink. Overcooking the chops can cause the lamb to have a rubbery texture and can cause the meat to become too dry. To ensure that the lamb is not overcooked, chefs should turn over the lamb in a skillet or on the grill only once.

This type of meat is more common in certain countries than others because of different consumer demands. Lamb is traditional in many European countries, such as Greece and France, and the meat is considered more of a delicacy in other regions, such as the United States. Typically, the cost of lamb loin chops is higher in areas where lamb is not as common, because it might be shipped from other countries.

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