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What are Hose Clips?

C. Ausbrooks
C. Ausbrooks

Hose clips, also known as hose clamps, are used in home, plumbing and automotive capacities to attach and seal a hose onto a barb, nib or other fitting. They tighten around the hose in order to achieve the appropriate fit, maintain accurate pressure on the hose, and prevent liquid from escaping. Numerous types of hose clips are available, each used in many different applications.

Screw or band clips, also known as worm gears, are commonly used for hoses ½ inch (1.27 cm) in diameter or larger. They consist of a threaded steel band with a screw attached to one end. The clip is attached by placing it around the hose, and then feeding the loose end into a space between the band and the screw. Once in place, the screw clip is tightened by turning the screw, which pulls the band tighter. It may be loosened by turning the screw in the opposite direction.

Man mowing the grass
Man mowing the grass

Spring hose clamps are well suited to areas where the use of other hose clips would be awkward. Automotive engine bays and computer cooling devices are two areas where spring clamps are particularly popular. Spring clamps consist of a steel ring, in which one end has a small protrusion in the center, and the other end has a protrusion on each side. The clamps are used by pressing the protrusions toward one another, which expands the ring. Then, the clamps are fitted onto the hose and the protrusions bent back up to tighten.

Wire hose clips typically consist of a large U-shaped piece of wire, which is attached to a hose by bending the ends over one another to form a ring. Once in place, the ends are twisted to secure and bent outwards before being cut. A screw is attached to one end of the wire, and a nut to the other end. The screw is then tightened into the nut, which tightens the wire clip around the hose.

Hose clips are most commonly used for hoses which exude moderate pressure, such as in home and automotive applications. However, they are sometimes used to temporarily halt the pressure in larger hoses, such as fire hoses and marine hoses. Firefighters in particular are well-versed in the use of hose clips, as they are necessary when a hose springs a leak, or when a hose must be connected to a different appliance. Compression fittings are often used in larger hoses, as typical hose clips cannot withstand high pressure.

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    • Man mowing the grass
      Man mowing the grass