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What are High Protein Cereals?

Pamela Pleasant
Pamela Pleasant

High protein cereals are cereals that are enriched with micronutrients and amino acids. These are small amounts of vitamins and minerals that are used to maintain the body. Protein is an essential component found in every body cell. Nails and hair are made of it and the body uses it to repair damaged tissues. Eating high protein cereals can also help to build and strengthen muscles and produce healthier cartilage.

Unlike fat, the body cannot store protein. When it needs a new supply, it has nothing to draw on. The body does not need a significant amount of protein to function properly. The average person only needs a small amount, everyday. Consuming high protein cereals can provide enough protein for one day.

Man lifting weights
Man lifting weights

Protein can come from many types of foods. Nuts, vegetables, meats, cheeses, and milk all contain protein. Some of these foods can also contain high amounts of fat. For this reason, it may a healthier choice to consume high protein cereals instead of fatty meats or diary products like cheeses.

A diet high in protein and low in fat can help when trying to lose weight. Eliminating fibrous foods like breads can change the metabolism and the body can suffer in many ways. Ketosis is a condition that is brought about by not eating enough fibrous foods, causing the body to produce high amounts of ammonia. A lack of fiber can even cause constipation. While dieting, eating high protein cereals with added fiber may be the best option for overall health.

High protein diets can also increase the risk for diabetes, heart problems, and cancer. By reducing carbohydrates, including fruits and vegetables, the body can lose antioxidants and nutrients that can fight off diseases. The body will then age at a quicker rate and the body’s natural immune system functions may also be reduced. This leaves the body open for external and internal damage.

Increasing protein can harm the body in other ways. When carbohydrates are reduced, more meats and fatty foods are usually consumed in their place. This increases the cholesterol count and also increases the chances for heart problems or stroke. High amounts of salt can be seen in high protein foods, adding to the damage. Magnesium and potassium levels also typically drop while consuming a high protein diet.

Adding high protein cereals to a daily diet is a good way to get the benefits of protein without adding too much high fat or sugar. For overall health, a high protein diet should be stopped after six months. Otherwise, the body may become biologically used to the diet and weight loss may stop.

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I have some friends who will go on a high protein diet from time to time. For them, this is the quickest way for them to lose weight.

Once they lose 20-30 pounds on the high protein diet, then they add more carbohydrates back to their meals.

I tried this one time and could only stick with it for a day. I had a very bad headache and decided it wasn't worth it.

My husband likes to eat a hot breakfast, but I prefer to eat high protein breakfast cereals. I stay full just as long this way. It is also very fast and I don't have the mess to clean up.

I also keep protein bars in my purse and my desk drawer at work to eat when I get hungry. This is a much healthier alternative than eating a bag of chips.

One of the biggest advantages to eating cereal with high protein and fiber is that it helps keep your blood sugar levels stable.

If you eat something that is high in sugar and has very little protein, your blood sugar spikes, and you will be hungry again in a few hours.

Protein helps keep your blood sugar from spiking and that is why you feel full for a longer time.

If I eat anything for breakfast that has a lot of sugar in it, I will also get a headache. I still hear people say that eating breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

It's also a good way for vegetarians to get some of the protein that they need.


I buy several different kinds of whole grains that I use for making bread, cooking and for hot cereals.

One grain that people don't hear much about is barley, and for a change, I will eat warm barley cereal for breakfast sometimes.

This grain tastes good by itself or mixed together with other grains. I will also add some protein powder for extra protein, and some honey or agave as a natural sweetener.

There are many grains you can choose from such as oats, quinoa, barley and rice. With so many different options to choose from, you can always have something that tastes a little different.

All of them have a good amount of protein in them and will help keep you feeling full for several hours.


I don't eat much meat, so try to find other foods that will give me a high amount of protein. Eating cereals high in protein is one of the best ways to start my day.

I have found many of the Kashi brand cereals to have a lot of protein per serving. They also have a variety of choices so I don't get tired of eating the same cereal all the time.

If I have a had a really busy day and don't want to take the time to cook in the evening, I will often have a bowl of cereal.

Eating a bowl of cereal with a lot of protein in it is healthy and keeps me satisfied. There is a big difference between eating whole grain cereal with protein and fiber and the sugar-coated cereals that so many young kids like.

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    • Man lifting weights
      Man lifting weights