What are Garter Stockings?

Lauren Romano

Garter stockings are stockings that reach the mid-thigh level and have an elasticized band at the top to keep them in place. The band can vary in size from thin to a few inches high. The band is typically the most decorative part of the accessory and can help add a particular feel to the stockings as well. They are usually made of nylon but have some spandex in them for comfort, proper fit and can contribute to the ease of getting them on.

Garters are often worn at weddings.
Garters are often worn at weddings.

Garter stockings are typically worn along with a piece of fabric that goes around the waist that has adjustable straps attached to it and is worn above a pair of panties, usually a thong or g-string. In some cases these straps will hang loose or will be attached to the top of the stockings. The stockings do not have to be worn with the additional top part, especially if they are being worn under tight clothing.

Bridal garter stockings should match the wedding dress.
Bridal garter stockings should match the wedding dress.

The garter part of the stockings comes in many different styles. Some may be made of lace, silk or other fabric that adds a sexy touch to the stockings. The garter can be elaborate and have bows, rhinestones, crystals or embroidery on them. When strictly used as lingerie, the more elaborate garters may be preferred. Under some clothing, such as pants, the small shapes from bows or additional decorations may be seen through the fabric.

Bridal garter stockings are typically used by brides for their wedding night lingerie, but are not the same that she would wear throughout her wedding day. Often they are white to match the wedding dress and have some form of lace attached as decoration. Sometimes, these sets are purchased by the maid of honor or another member of the bridal party as a bridal shower gift.

When choosing a pair of garter stockings, it is important to get the correct body measurements first and compare it to those on the package or the website. Purchasing stockings that are too loose or too tight could result in them slipping down or being uncomfortable. It could also cause a rip in the stockings from the woman trying to pull and keep them up. In terms of colors and design, it is more about what the woman feels sexiest in. The garter stockings can add a certain extra feeling of sexiness to almost any outfit.

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