What are Garage Kits?

Dan Cavallari

Garage kits are individual pieces sold as one package that can be assembled by the purchaser into a full size garage. Such garage kits often come with all the raw materials necessary to complete the structure, and in many cases, the individual pieces of material are already cut to length and prepared for assembly. Tools needed to construct the garage are not often included with garage kits, and a person assembling a garage with a kit will still need general carpentry knowledge and skills. Kits are often much less expensive than custom-built garages, and in many cases, they are easier to construct.

Constructing a garage kit will require carpentry knowledge and skills.
Constructing a garage kit will require carpentry knowledge and skills.

The materials included in garage kits will vary significantly according to the kit purchased, the size of the structure, and the intended use of the space. The cost of the garage kits will also fluctuate based on the size and the materials included; wood structures tend to be quite expensive, while light metal structures such as aluminum or steel tend to be less expensive. Larger structures will, of course, be more expensive than smaller ones, as will garage kits that feature unusual footprints or excess features, such as a second floor, workbenches, windows, and so on.

Some garage kits can be purchased at hardware stores or home improvement stores, and the stores may even offer services to build the garage, thereby eliminating the need for the homeowner to do the bulk of the work. This service will obviously add to the cost of the project, but it will make the process much easier and often much quicker. If a homeowner does not have experience with carpentry, this option may work out well. Several people will need to work on the garage at once, so if the homeowner chooses to do the project himself, he will need to either hire workers or find volunteers who can help with the project.

Before purchasing a garage kit, a homeowner will need to research local zoning laws and obtain any necessary permits for building a structure. Some garage kits will also require a concrete foundation to be poured and completely cured before the garage can be built on top of it. This step of the process can be quite difficult, depending on the size of the concrete slab. Some garages built from kits do not require concrete foundations, and it is up to the person purchasing the kit to determine what the requirements are before beginning installation.

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