What are Fluoride Water Filters?

Dan Blacharski

Our water supply has been supplemented with fluoride for years, despite the fact that controversy still rages about its safety. Countless studies point to evidence that it is not only unnecessary, but can also be dangerous to your health. Fortunately, there is a simple solution. A fluoride water filter will eliminate fluoride and other toxins from your drinking water, providing you with a safe and healthy supply of drinking water at an affordable cost.

Fluoride filters elmininate the element fluoride from drinking water.
Fluoride filters elmininate the element fluoride from drinking water.

A fluoride water filter will help to prevent the onset of dental fluorosis, a condition that results in brown, pitted teeth. Dental fluorosis occurs as a direct result of ingesting fluoride through drinking water and other sources. Other studies point to the fact that fluoride in water is both a carcinogen and mutagen.

Bottled water may still contain fluoride and other elements.
Bottled water may still contain fluoride and other elements.

There are plenty of good reasons for installing a fluoride water filter. The fluoride that is added to water also contains other toxic materials and pollutants, which may include lead, mercury, and arsenic.

Hundreds of renowned scientists and researchers around the world condemn, or refuse to endorse fluoridation of the water supply. The fluoride water filter is a simple solution to a vexing problem. You may not have any control over what goes into your water, but this simple device can easily take it right back out.

Not all water filters eliminate fluoride from water, you must purchase a special fluoride water filter that has been specially designed to remove this element. Similarly, bottled water may also still contain fluoride and other elements. Like most water filters, fluoride water filters come in a variety of form factors. The simplest and least expensive is the countertop model that attaches to the faucet, and lets you switch between tap water and filtered water. Others install under the sink for automatic use.

Other specialized fluoride water filters may be installed directly into the plumbing to service multiple spouts, and fluoride water filters are even available to attach to your refrigerator ice cube maker. Most have cartridges that can be easily replaced in a matter of minutes.

Unless it specifically states that it removes fluoride, don't assume that your filter will do so. Some types of filters that eliminate fluoride from water include activated alumina filters, which use a canister of aluminum oxide to absorb contaminants. Anion exchange filters will also remove fluoride. Simple distillation and chlorination purification methods will not remove fluoride, nor will simple mechanical filtration devices.

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Contrary to the article, steam distillation is a very effective means of removing fluroride. Distillation has its downsides but it is very effective at removing metals and minerals from water.


"and fluoride water filters are even available to attach to your refrigerator ice cube maker." Where can these be purchased? Also, are there any refrigerator filters that filter fluoride in the water and ice?


most experts do not agree that reverse osmosis is best, although that is repeated frequently on the web. activated alumina works better and leaves healthy water, unlike RO.


I read that charcoal filters that are part of filtrating pitchers are not a reliable filtration system for fluoride.

Apparently most experts do agree that putting a reverse osmosis filter on your tap is the most effective way of reducing fluoride. The claim is that up to 90% of fluoride is removed from the tap.

Of course you want to find out first what are the levels of fluoride in your town's drinking water. You might not need to spend several hundred dollars for a filter if the levels are low.

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