What Are Face Aerobics?

Misty Wiser

Face aerobics are a series of facial muscle exercises thought to make a person’s face appear more youthful. Aerobic exercise works because it contracts and relaxes the muscle fibers, resulting in better muscle tone. The facial exercises are believed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and restore a sagging jaw line. Some people believe that a regular program of face aerobics may provide an alternative option to a traditional surgical facelift.

Face aerobics are a series of exercises designed to tone the facial muscles.
Face aerobics are a series of exercises designed to tone the facial muscles.

As a person grows older, the muscles in the face gradually become longer. The facial muscles are directly attached to the skin of the face; as the muscles stretch, the skin stretches too. This causes a person’s face to look different over time.

A gentle fingertip massage will help to increase blood circulation before someone begins face aerobics.
A gentle fingertip massage will help to increase blood circulation before someone begins face aerobics.

Before beginning face aerobics, the skin of the face and neck should be moisturized. Then a gentle fingertip massage will increase blood circulation before starting the routine. Looking into a mirror during the face aerobics routine may help a person focus on the muscle groups as they are being exercised.

A common facial exercise involves the forehead and eyebrows. A quick upward movement of both eyebrows is followed by a relaxing of the muscles. The action is repeated ten times.

Another series of facial exercises centers on mouthing the letters of the alphabet. Exaggerated movement of the mouth muscles during the alphabet is key to achieving the best results. Ten to twenty repetitions of the alphabet up to three times a week is generally recommended.

After the alphabet exercise, the next part of face aerobics focuses on the jaw line. The mouth is opened and the lower jaw is moved forward. Once the muscles in the neck are slightly visible from the movement, the jaw is slowly relaxed. There may be a slight popping sound heard as the jawbone moves forward during the exercise. As long as the motion is not painful, it can be repeated from ten to twenty times three days a week.

Some face aerobics programs emphasize repeating certain words in an exaggerated manner to tone the face and neck muscles. Most of the words are spoken very slowly. Some words are arranged into tongue twisters, and spoken quickly to challenge the face muscles as the program progresses. Proponents of this program advise repeating a set of alternating words on a daily basis to achieve the most youthful look in the shortest amount of time.

Shortly after performing the series of facial exercises, a person may notice that her face feels sore when she is talking or eating. An over-the-counter pain reliever, such as ibuprofen, may be taken to help reduce the aching. Once the facial muscles gain some muscle tone, the face exercise routine should become painless and refreshing.

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@ocelot60- That is a great tip, thank for the information! I am always trying to find natural ways to tone my face, because I never want to undergo surgery to correct the effects of aging.

I also like to do a similar exercise with my forehead to keep it toned. By raising your eyebrows repeatedly as if you are startled, you will tone the muscles in your forehead.


I have a tip for another great facial aerobic exercise for tightening the muscles of the jaw and neck, which are areas that many people want to improve.

All you have to do is tilt your head back as if you are looking at the ceiling. Once your head is in this position, move your mouth back and forth in a chewing motion. Do this exercise for the count of 20, then put your head back in the normal position. Repeat this exercise 3 to 4 times at least twice each day for the best results. You will soon feel the muscles in your jaw and neck become more toned from this simple exercise routine.

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