What Are Designer Cosmetics?

Erin J. Hill

Designer cosmetics are makeup and beauty items which are designed or labeled by a well-known designer. Many fashion designers branch out into makeup and perfume sales. Most of the time designer cosmetics are more expensive than drugstore brands, although some of them also work much better.

Some designer cosmetics are pricier than other brands.
Some designer cosmetics are pricier than other brands.

There are various levels of designer cosmetics. Some are only a little pricier than makeup one may find in a lower-end department store or drugstore. Others are very expensive and carry luxury labels on them.Designer cosmetics companies also may specialize in different types of cosmetics. Clothing designers who branch out into makeup and other items often focus more on luxury, fragrance, and the way the substances feel against the skin.

Cosmetics managers often work at high-end department stores staffing the counters of designer cosmetics brands.
Cosmetics managers often work at high-end department stores staffing the counters of designer cosmetics brands.

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There is some debate on whether or not designer cosmetics are worth the added expense. There is no easy way to answer that question, since there are good and bad items in virtually any price range. Consumers should keep in mind, however, that just because a product has a high-end label doesn't mean it's a good product. There are plenty of designer items that don't work nearly as well as cheaper drugstore products, and vice versa.

When trying to decide whether to spend the extra money buying designer makeup and other cosmetic products, shoppers should always try and take advantage of any samples available. When free samples are not available, high-end department stores will often allow consumers to try items before they buy. This gives them a better idea of which ones are worth the money, and which ones are not. When making a purchase, it's also a good idea to buy the smallest available size when one has never used the product before. That way, if the it doesn't work or causes a reaction when applied to the skin, less money is lost since smaller sizes are generally cheaper.

In many cases, buying cheaper cosmetics is a better value than buying higher-end items. When shopping, consumers should compare ingredients and ingredient amounts. Many times the lower-priced items will have the same ingredients as designer products, so the increased cost is primarily due to the designer label. For those only looking for cosmetics that will work, paying more for the label isn't always worth the price.

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