What Are Crock-Pot® Ribs?

Christina Edwards

Crock-Pot® ribs are ribs made in a slow cooker. Beef ribs or pork ribs can be prepared this way. Prior to cooking these ribs, they can be seasoned and seared in a hot pan. They are then usually placed in a slow cooker, such as a Crock-Pot®, along with some sort of liquid, usually barbeque sauce. After several hours of cooking, the ribs will usually be very flavorful and extremely tender.

After being cooked in a Crock-Pot®, ribs can be put on the grill to add a bit of smoked flavor.
After being cooked in a Crock-Pot®, ribs can be put on the grill to add a bit of smoked flavor.

As its name suggests, a slow cooker is a type of kitchen appliance that cooks foods very slowly. These appliances are typically made from glazed ceramic crocks that are surrounded by electric heating elements in a protective case. A Crock-Pot® is one popular brand of slow cooker, and this brand name is often used as a generic name for all Crock-Pots®.

Ribs are cuts of meat that consist of the meat surrounding the ribs of an animal, usually a cow or a pig. Both beef and pork ribs may contain the rib bones, or they may be boneless. Most types of ribs are usually somewhat tougher than many other cuts of meat. Ribs that are cooked slowly in liquid, however, such as Crock-pot® ribs, will usually end up being very tender.

Some people prefer to season Crock-Pot® ribs before cooking them. Several seasonings can be used for this. Garlic and pepper are often rubbed onto the meat for example. For spicier ribs, cayenne pepper can also be used.

Before making Crock-Pot® ribs, the surfaces of the meat can be seared. To do this, a small bit of oil can be heated in a large skillet. All sides of the meat can then be browned in the pan. This will help add color, flavor, and texture to the meat.

Once the ribs have been seared, they can then be put into the Crock-Pot®. Some people may also prefer to add other items, such as onions. If the ribs are too big to fit into the Crock-Pot®, some of them are usually cut apart.

Some type of liquid is also usually added to Crock-Pot® ribs as they cook. Water or stock can be used, and this can be made into gravy after the ribs are done cooking. Most people pour either bottled or homemade barbecue sauce over the ribs while they cook.

Once everything has been added to the Crock-Pot®, it can be turned on. Most culinary experts recommend setting the temperature setting to medium or low when cooking Crock-Pot® ribs. The ribs are usually done cooking after several hours. At this point, the meat is usually very tender, and it often falls right off of the bone.

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