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What Are Crock-Pot® Cheesy Potatoes?

Erik J.J. Goserud
Erik J.J. Goserud

Crock-Pot® cheesy potatoes refer to any variation of the classic cheese and potatoes dish cooked in a Crock-Pot®. A Crock-Pot®, also referred to at times as a slow cooker, is a device that utilizes electricity to create a low-heat environment through which to cook food. This low-heat method of cooking often requires more time; however, it also requires less effort and produces flavorful dishes. Most Crock-Pot® meals, including Crock-Pot® cheesy potatoes, involve simply putting the ingredients together and letting them cook on a specified setting for a predetermined amount of time.

The ease with which one may cook a Crock-Pot® meal is appealing to many. Busy fathers, culinary novice mothers, and impatient children can all create delicious meals in minimal amounts of time. Crock-Pots® are usually easy to clean as well, and most recipes are straightforward. The long duration of time it takes to cook meals seems like a hassle, but if timed correctly, this recess from cooking can be used to do other things, such as go to the dry cleaner.

A bowl of sour cream, which can be used in making Crock-Pot® cheesy potatoes.
A bowl of sour cream, which can be used in making Crock-Pot® cheesy potatoes.

Crock-Pot® recipes require the addition of many ingredients into a Crock-Pot®, with a specific cooking time and a cooking temperature. The temperature on most Crock-Pots® refers to choosing one of a few settings. These settings, for example, may be simmer, low, medium, or high.

One such recipe for Crock-Pot® cheesy potatoes calls for the ingredients brown potatoes, sour cream, and shredded cheese, along with flavored soup, salt and pepper, and onion. Once the cook adds the proper amounts of these ingredients, he or she can just let it sit for five to six hours on low before pleasing the crowd with a delicious Crock-Pot® cheesy potatoes dish! It is easy to recognize the simplistic convenience of Crock-Pots® and their deserved popularity.

Most good chefs, and some mediocre ones, choose to improvise on classic meals. Altering Crock-Pot® cheesy potatoes can certainly be done to better cater to the specific tastes of the consumers. No two culinary preferences are alike, just as the same two people may have differing opinions of music or television shows.

Adding or substituting a few ingredients into the recipe can spice things up and add variety to the menu. Trial and error is the best method for recipe improvement, and making Crock-Pot® cheesy potatoes is no exception to this rule. Taking note of how certain changes affect flavor may also heighten a home cook's culinary awareness to iron chef levels.

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    • A bowl of sour cream, which can be used in making Crock-Pot® cheesy potatoes.
      A bowl of sour cream, which can be used in making Crock-Pot® cheesy potatoes.