What are Cork Wall Tiles?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Cork wall tiles are one type of cork squares or tiles used for both decorative and functional purposes in homes and offices. Relatively thin and easy to work with, these tiles made from ground cork may be used to provide extra sound insulation for the space as well as to create a particular look in a room. Because cork wall tiles are relatively inexpensive and easy to install, just about anyone can make use of the tiles.

Woman with a flower
Woman with a flower

There are several advantages to using cork wall tiles over other types of wall tiles. Cork is a natural material and does not retain much in the way of chemicals that can leech out of the material over time. In addition, the tiles do not release microfibers over time, which helps to keep the environment in the space cleaner. People with allergies may find that using cork wall tiles within a space allows them to enjoy a decorative touch to the walls without triggering any type of allergic reaction.

Many people assume that cork wall tiles can be used to create bulletin boards. This is not the case. Cork wall tiles are generally thinner than the cork squares equipped with cork underlayment. It is the thicker cork squares that are intended for use in projects such as the creation of bulletin or message boards in the home or office.

Along with the decorative and environmentally friendly aspects of cork wall tiles, there are also a couple of practical attributes of this type of wall covering. First, the tiles can help to control echoing or other acoustical effects that may be undesirable within the space. This makes it easier to create a more intimate and relaxing mood within the room.

Cork wall tiles also offer the benefit of being inexpensive in comparison to many other types of wall treatments. For people who want to create a specific design for a space but have to work with a tight budget, using cork wall coverings may be the ideal way to get the look desired without spending a lot of money.

In addition to use in cork wall tiles, natural cork is also used to create cork flooring, often in the form of tiles or squares. There is also the option of cork rolls that are designed for installation on floors and walls. Consumers can choose between natural cork products or go with cork board, rolls, or tiles that are colored to fit into many different room designs. Cork insulation for installation on floors, walls, and ceilings is also available.

Many home stores, hardware stores, and interior design businesses carry at least a few sizes and colors of cork wall tiles. Depending on the number of tiles required, it is sometimes possible to save even more money by purchasing short lots of tiles that have been discontinued. Many of the tiles today come with adhesive that can be applied to the back for easy installation. There are also peel and stick versions of the tiles offered in many stores.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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