What Are Cookie Pops?

B. Miller

Cookie pops, put simply, are cookies on a stick. They are a combination of lollipops and cookies, and may be made using either lollipop sticks or simply the wooden popsicle sticks that are easy to find in craft stores. They can be made with virtually any type of cookie, and make a great gift or party favor for many different events. Some people make many different types of cookie pops and create a type of "bouquet," which can also be a creative and fun gift for someone. A popular alternative to cookie pops are cake pops, which are the same idea but made with small, round pieces of cake shaped to look like a lollipop.

Cookie dough.
Cookie dough.

There are many different recipes for cookie pops to be found online. Even slice and bake cookies, which require no actual preparation, can be used to make the treats. In general, the simplest way to make these is to make the individual cookies, and before baking, simply insert the stick into the dough. Lay them flat on a cookie sheet and bake them that way, according to directions. For thinner or flatter cookies, it may be necessary to cut a notch in the back of the cookie, place the stick in the notch, and flip it over so it bakes properly. When making these cookies, it is very important to grease the pan first to ensure they don't stick!

Cookie pops can be shaped into fun, interesting shapes using cookie cutters.
Cookie pops can be shaped into fun, interesting shapes using cookie cutters.

Once the actual cookie pops are made and have come out of the oven, it is time to decorate them. Some people choose to simply leave them plain, but adding decorations can make them look much more festive, particularly if they will be put in a bouquet or used as a favor at an event. Brightly colored frosting is easy to use, can be homemade or purchased in a can and dyed with food coloring, and makes the cookie pops look colorful and festive. Other decorations such as candies or sprinkles can also be added, and different colors can be used to create different images.

If they won't be eaten immediately, the individual cookie pops should be covered with plastic. They may also be placed in a large, airtight plastic container with wax paper between each layer to prevent them from sticking. Though they can be frozen, it is generally a good idea to eat them relatively quickly, as the taste will be affected if they are left for too long in the freezer.

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