What are Common IT Interview Questions?

Lauren Romano

When applying for an IT job, it's important to have a complete understanding of what the exact position entails considering one “information technology” position can be quite different from the next. Although there can be variations among jobs, basic IT interview questions typically involve answers that show an understanding of various computer programs, having an extensive knowledge of computer software and hardware as well as having a passion for the position and company. It's also vital for the potential employee to show that he or she will be able to provide proper support and assistance to computer users.

Questions asked during an IT interview are generally designed to show an applicant's mastery of various computer programs.
Questions asked during an IT interview are generally designed to show an applicant's mastery of various computer programs.

One of the IT interview questions that the interviewer may ask is how you stay up-to-date with the ever-changing, fast-paced technology world. The answer should be substantial and legitimate, not faked, and show a passion for the field. Give the names of any websites, books, magazines or classes that help provide a daily dose of relevant information.

Another one of the IT interview questions the interviewer may ask is why you deserve the job and what qualifies you as the best candidate. This is where personal characteristics can come to light, such as being responsible, dedicated, organized and passionate about the industry. Explaining about having great communication skills as well as having an appropriate background can be advantageous.

When applying for any job, the company often wants someone who is already familiar with it and what it has to offer. One of the common IT interview questions is often asking why you want to work for the company. Previous research on the company is very important for a proper answer. Sound natural, but explain excitement about a recent development, impending changes or any other big news that was recently announced. It'll show dedication and a desire for the position above candidates that gave a general response.

The interviewer may also ask what type of operating system you prefer to work with. Many IT job listings will list a specific operating system that the company uses. Mention the system, but make sure to have a reason why it's significant. State the benefits of it but also have a drawback in mind if there is one, otherwise the response may sound more rehearsed than genuine.

There are quite a few job opportunities in the IT field, especially for those who show a desire and drive for the industry. Many IT interview questions revolve around computer programs, up-to-date technology and knowing that as an employee, you'll be able to handle stressful situations with grace as well as be a problem solver. The better the interviewer feels that you have a good grasp of the industry, the better the chances are of getting the job.

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