What are Cobble Pavers?

Anna T.

Cobble pavers are pieces of stone or rock that are used to cover walkways, sidewalks, and occasionally driveways. Many people use them to go around the outside of swimming pools or fountains. These pavers usually come in all different sizes, which tends to give an old-world European style look to an area. The pavers are usually laid out randomly to create a walkway, without any set pattern of which stones go where. Cobble pavers additionally come in many different colors and sizes, and almost any kind of rock or stone can be used to make them, although most are made of granite.

Moss growing between cobble pavers.
Moss growing between cobble pavers.

People do occasionally use cobble pavers to create a certain pattern and design, which can be achieved by using two or three different sizes of paver stones in a few certain colors. Popular colors of cobble pavers are terracotta, gray, and red. Placing complementing colors together can create an attractive contrast. These different colored stones can be strategically placed to create many different shapes, including circular, octagonal, or rectangular. When the stones are placed together randomly, it is usually for the purpose of creating a walkway.

One of the primary advantages of using cobblestone is its durability and ease of repair. If something goes wrong with a section of cobblestone, the only thing that typically needs to be done to repair it is replace faulty stones with new ones. It is also fairly easy to put down and doesn't take very long to do. Installing the pavers usually involves digging out a small trench to place them in, putting them down, and filling the cracks in between the pavers with sand. Some people additionally use edge restraints to keep them in place, which might be made of wood or concrete.

Even though there seem to be a lot of reasons to use cobble pavers, there are a few potential drawbacks, depending on what they are used for. If a person wants to use these pavers to cover a driveway, it could get very expensive, as a large area might need to be covered. It may also be hard to clear a driveway or walkway made of cobblestone of snow and ice because of the tiny cracks in between each paver. Overall, cobble pavers may be a good choice for someone who is looking for a paving material that is easy to maintain with an old-fashioned European look that will last for many years.

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