What Are Chocolate Chip Cupcakes?

Lauren Romano
Lauren Romano
Baking soda, one of the ingredients in chocolate chip cupcakes.
Baking soda, one of the ingredients in chocolate chip cupcakes.

Chocolate chip cupcakes are small, single-serving sized cakes that have chocolate chips throughout them. They are cylinder shaped with a slightly rounded top that gets covered with frosting. Most basic recipes contain the same nine ingredients. There are several different flavor variations of the cupcakes, as well as many different frosting options. For the purpose of garnish and flavor, choose one or more types of topping that complement the chocolate chips.

The bottom of chocolate chip cupcakes are cylinder-shaped while the top is slightly rounded. Although they are typically single-serving size, there are also mini versions, extra-large versions, and giant versions, which are usually for individual bite-sized consumption, sharing with another person, and splitting with several others, respectively. Each is topped off with frosting, then often decorated with different toppings. The chocolate chips are included in the recipe for the cake, but may also be mixed in with the frosting or put on as a topping.

Most of the recipes for basic chocolate chip cupcakes contain the same nine ingredients, although there may be slight changes according to personal preference. The basic ingredients for the recipe are butter, baking soda, flour, salt, eggs, vanilla extract, milk, sugar, and chocolate chips. Some of the ingredients can be substituted for others depending on preference or dietary restrictions including using soy milk or low-fat milk in place of regular milk, non-dairy chocolate chips to replace the regular type, egg whites instead of eggs, or oil in place of butter.

Those who are a fan of chocolate chip cupcakes might enjoy one of the different flavor variations, some of which are surprising combinations. Some of the versions of chocolate chip cupcakes include mint, orange, pumpkin, and coconut. A few of the more unique combinations include cookie dough, bacon, and zucchini.

There are also quite a few types of frosting to choose from. Some of the frosting flavors that will go well with almost any variation of chocolate chip cupcake include vanilla, chocolate, peanut butter, hazelnut, and cream cheese. Certain other frosting flavors, including banana, raspberry, pumpkin, and caramel, typically go better with the standard chocolate chip cupcake recipe or with only certain variations, such as putting the banana frosting on the coconut chocolate chip cupcakes.

Decorative toppings can also add to the flavor of the frosting and the chocolate chip cupcakes. Those who love copious amounts of chocolate might like to add toppings such as crushed chocolate chip cookies, chocolate shavings, or a small portion of a chocolate bar. Additional toppings to use include peanut butter chips, shredded coconut, a caramel drizzle, sprinkles, or mini marshmallows.

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    • Baking soda, one of the ingredients in chocolate chip cupcakes.
      Baking soda, one of the ingredients in chocolate chip cupcakes.